WATCH: Karen Gets Dropped Kicked Into A New Universe! (VIDEO)
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    By Wym Creator 2021-03-06 15:47:56 1 853
    Nike Blazer Low X White Gum Releasing the Perforated Swooshes
    New Jordan will release another Air Jordan 6 series cooperation product in the spring of 2021, including a full range of sizes and matching clothing. Dressed in a British khaki, sail, and bright crimson color scheme. This Travis Scott x Air Jordan 6 has a khaki suede upper with a crimson logo, translucent tongue and heel label. Other details include storage pockets on the collar, Nike Air and Cactus Jack brands, and a translucent co-branded outsole. To celebrate Air Max Day, Nike will launch...
    By Lucy Blair 2021-03-06 12:31:45 0 3
    To The Moon - Part 2
    Read the source article here. As I said just two weeks ago when I talked about the mighty Gamestonk, this phenomenon of “meme stocks” isn't going away. This was clearly going to keep happening. People realize now the power they hold over the market and they aren't going to give it up. Additionally, this has most certainly sparked a renewed interest in investing for those who may have never done it before, and all that additional capital flowing into the exchange is something the...
    By Scathing Take 2021-03-03 23:21:55 0 3
    Tiger in The Rough
    Read the source article here. In case you missed my episode last week regarding the death of Rush Limbaugh, let me reiterate that I don't often care to talk about celebrity bullshit – and I care even less about golf than talk radio. It is weird, though. To flip a car on a street so close to your own place that wasn't busy or wroth with hazards like a slick Texas interstate is odd.  Woods is disproportionatly famous for what he does and would probably be shielded from a damning...
    By Scathing Take 2021-03-03 23:16:58 8 4
    Warhead Wars
    Read the source article here. Yes, only one episode of chaos in the streets was bad last year... I'm not sure when or where Trump ever alluded to using nukes following his speech at the capital, but I'm sure that convincing the Cirlce Jerk Media's nightly regulars wasn't difficult. In case you failed social studies – civics, of course, no longer being mandatory for reasons you need not think too hard about – the United States has three branches of government. The one Biden is...
    By Scathing Take 2021-03-03 23:13:53 0 1
    Dead to Rights
    Read the source article here. Is Andrew Cuomo a shit-licking piece of human refuse unfit to be mulch in a compost heap? Yes. Is supposedly being a creep in his office the worst thing he's done deserving of headlines. No. I try – goddamn, do I try – to not get angry when I go over the all the potential stories for the week when I make these videos you all love so much, but at times it's hard. It can get REAL fuckin hard. How hard? Harder than me in bed with Meca-Gina Carano. Andrew...
    By Scathing Take 2021-03-03 23:08:45 0 3
    A Little Boy With A Dirty Mouth
    Editor's Note: Here's a little story that I found on Yahoo! Answers. The name is Anonymous, so I can't credit it. His grammar is atrocious, but I left only the kid-speak words as is, and fixed the rest as best I could. /Breaker A Little Boy With A Dirty Mouth A little boy is playing with his trainset in the living room. As the train goes around and comes to a stop at the station, he says, "All you sunsabithes that want on get on all you susnabitches that want off get off". Then he goes...
    By Breaker ODay 2021-03-02 05:58:08 0 2
    Plowed by Nature
    Read the source story here. I'm sure you've all heard by now that Texas got about as much snow in a day as we in Michigan get in an hour. Now, I could have picked a story having to do with Texas's crappy wind-turbines, or the food shortages, or how China was granted access to American power-grids by the fondler and chief just a few weeks prior, but you know me; I like to end on something funny. I'm actually gonna lay most of the blame here on Arkansas here. This makes no sense. It is a SHARED...
    By Scathing Take 2021-02-25 21:51:16 3 7
    A Culture of Conquest
    Read the source story here. Would it have been so hard for this dough-brained lich to just be like, “Look here, Fat, slavery and genocide some malarkey and I China'd better stop before I sniff'm. What kind of conditioner you use? Come on, man.” The fact that he couldn't – fucking couldn't – bring himself to exclaim flatly that eradicating an entire denomination of people via a combination of cultural erosion, sterilization and forced copulation is a bad thing speaks...
    By Scathing Take 2021-02-25 21:47:22 0 9
    The DC Nightcrawler
    Read the source story here. You ever see the movie Nightcrawler? Good-ass movie. Very much like the situation here: Dude goes from recording incidents to making them happen to getting better footage to hock to news networks? Probably happens more often than anyone realizes. It is as London's mayor would call “part and parcel” that people working as agents at the behest of authoritarian cabals live the lavish luxury of limited litigation. Until they become a loose end and hang...
    By Scathing Take 2021-02-25 21:44:33 1 9
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