I had a dream today while taking a nap. I'm not making it up, I really dreamed this.

I was sitting on the left, in the back seat of a car with 2 people in the front seat. I did not know who they were. It was a 4-door car—nothing contemporary—some big car from the 60s or 70s.

We were out front of someone's house in the driveway. The car was facing the house and there was another car to the right that was facing the house too. The other car was parked a bit ahead of our car with the left front door about where the hood of our car was. Joe Biden was standing to the right of us, next to the other car with some people around him.

The person sitting in the front driver's side of the car I was in, got out and somehow reached over the car and clubbed Joe Biden in the head. I got the hell out of the car, and the other two drove away.

I then saw Biden was laying on his back, on the ground, with his head laying in his sobbing wife's lap. Biden was laying somewhat parallel to the rear of a pickup truck with an open tailgate—his head to my right. He had blood on his head. I don't know if he was dead.

There were at least 4 other people standing near me. I remember the house was white. It may have been a church building. The driveway was about 200 ft. and was gravel. There was a tall wooden fence between us and the house, which ran along the property, all the way to the nearby road. The building faced toward the fence, not toward the road.

I then woke up.