I posted a link to a study published on https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/, regarding the vaccine variant and the efficacy of the vaccine on the variant. This is an official UK source for this information... and facebook removed the post and flagged it as 'spam.'

I can't even post the study here cause they will just take it down. Is this not suspicious - no - is this not completely FUCKED?

What is FB doing labeling official UK government published reports on Covid variants and vaccines from the UK government website as 'spam?'
Who actually makes these decisions, and what makes them more credible than an official UK government study?!

For months and months, all we hear is 'follow the science,' so I posted a response in a thread where people were smuggly berating those who are 'Vaccine Hesitant,' and I said exactly that: "follow the science,' and then linked the UK government study...

and they TOOK THAT DOWN!?!?
Automated notice from Facebook

Are there not some SERIOUS implications in that regarding what Facebook's true intentions are?

This is just beyond ridiculous. Why don't they want you to see the science? What does it say that they don't want you to see?

Was it the actual statistics that don't bode well for the efficacy of the vaccine?

Just who the F does FB think they are to tell us to 'follow the science,' and 'follow the official sources,' then CENSOR the science from official sources when they don't paint the picture that facebook wants to paint?

I know many probly won't see this post because of FB's shadowbanning... but anyone who sees it, be aware, you are being hoodwinked. Get on alternative social media right away!

For my folks on New Tech platforms, here's the actual study from the original post: