(Disclaimer: I'm a nobody. I have no credentials. Therefore, do a little research yourself and show me something if you wish to discuss. Guess what. You have been lied to. Dumb fucking questions exist and your lying if you don't believe it)a
Few things to point out. I see a lot of people using the word "liberial" and thought that I don't know enough about it to comment. After about 10 minutes of looking into it, these are a couple of things that seemed interesting to me given our current scope and ideas of people killing other people that are labeled something and how powerful language is and why it does matter what you say and how words are used.

1. Educated myself a bit on some language information. It only came from one source and I don't care. It seems good to me and I'm not your fucking teacher and you don't pay me. https://aeon.co/essays/why-is-the-english-spelling-system-so-weird-and-inconsistent

2. That the english language didn't return to written script until 14th century.

3. The word "liberial" had its origins in French and Latin and mans something vastly different in the context at which we use it to describe others opinions and thoughts. At this time, all lasting language text were written and pronounced by those of nobility, lineage, money, religion, (Create narrative)

4. It wasn't until the church got a hold of the word and used it against the people so that the whigs would keep power in britain. It wasn't until the elites and the church got together to take down what can, and is described as "free thought" and connected individuals to these parties to demonize the very idea. Hence the modern word in the political sense "liberial" is born and is carrying the baggage ever since.

5. How can one have free thought and free speech at the same time? How is this being exploited? Lack of knowledge? A non caring? Has killing really become the option? Seems to me that it is one in the same. The same people that have created the modern term of liberial, is doing the same thing now a days. And many of us are falling victim to the media power move. ITS THE SAME FUCKING PEOPLE.

Don't tell me how to live and I won't tell you how to live.

English began its return as a written language in the 14th century. Over generations, it had crept back in among the nobility, as well as the clergy, although French and Latin were still the languages of educated and official pursuits.

Liberal was used 16c.-17c. as a term of reproach with the meaning "free from restraint in speech or action." The Enlightenment revived it in a positive sense "free from prejudice, tolerant, not bigoted or narrow," which emerged 1776-88

In 19c. often theological rather than political, opposed to orthodox, used of Unitarians, Universalists, etc. For educational use, see

This is conjectured to be from PIE *leudh-ero-, which probably originally meant "belonging to the people," though the precise semantic development is obscure; but compare frank (adj.). This was a suffixed form of the base *leudh- (2) "people" (source also of Old Church Slavonic ljudu, Lithuanian liaudis, Old English leod, German Leute "nation, people;" Old High German liut "person, people").
Who hath indeed, most like a liberal villain,
Confess'd the vile encounters they have had
A thousand times in secret.
["Much Ado," IV.1.93]