Got a bit of a hot take here, and feel free to challenge me on this.

We hear a lot in media lately about women getting pissed off at trans women competing in sports.

Ok, fine. Their grievances are valid for obvious reasons.. however, I have to just slip a little jab in there to point something out.

Women basically did this to themselves with feminism.

Think about it. Their complaint is that "trans women in sports are just an example of men taking over women's spaces," right?

Well... WTF has feminism been for the last nth years but women encroaching on things that were previously seen as "men's spaces?"

Did you know that before the 19th amendment, you had to register for the draft before you were allowed to participate in voting?

Kinda shines a new perspective on the women back then who were against feminism, doesn't it?

Turns out, they weren't just crabby religious women! Turns out, they recognized that the privilege of voting came with an obligation to be the ones taking up arms to fight wars and they wanted no part of it!

I don't blame em, but I digress.

There is a thing in nature called "gender roles." It's a thing that has been universally understood until recently. Men and women are not equal in that they are both biologically wired and cut out to excel at different things.

Women can't always do what men do, and often don't even want to.

Men DEFINITELY can't do many of the things that women do, and also, don't mostly want to.

What benefit is there by insisting that everyone be equal across the board?

Who needs a band with 5 bass players?  (with the exception of Spinal Tap, ofcouse.)

Isn't it better to let gender roles of nature dictate these things?

Women don't want to be subservient to a man in the name of raising a family... So they'll do what - go be subservient to a boss at work who will only keep them from having the time to raise a family?

Men who do man-brain shit are chastised for it to the point where men who want to fulfill traditional male roles are 'toxic' and 'uncool,' so they become feminine, and eventually demasculated to the point where they would rather be women?!


You got what you wanted! Men and women can now do all things equally in the same spaces. Men and women compete in sports together, run businesses together, hold office etc.

I always heard my mom tell me that "if women were running things, there'd be less war."

Well, the EU has a TON of female leaders. More than ever before, and here we are fast approaching WW3.

In her defense, she said that before Hillary was secretary of state. (lol)

And no, I'm not saying that women can't be leaders or that women shouldn't be allowed to do certain things. Not at all.

I'm all for meritocracy and freedom of choice, so I don't advocate for taking anyone's freedom to do what they want away. That's not my purpose here.

What I'm saying is that everything is permissible. Not everything, however, is beneficial.

Our culture has screwed up gender roles beyond recognition, possibly beyond repair, and all we get out of it are lonely old cat ladies, sexually frustrated men, the 'full time employment family,' in which everyone under the roof works full time and STILL has to borrow money, and a bunch of skinny dudes in dresses and five-o-clock shadows on our damned beer cans!

We gotta take a step back from this shit and stop looking at men and women's roles as a power struggle, and start looking at it as a collaborative effort in which each of us assumes the roles that we are naturally inclined to fill.

We need women to stop complaining that 'shivalry is dead' after they knifed it mercilessly in the back and pissed on its remains.

We need to bring things back to gender roles as nature designed it

Not just for our own egos or lofty principles, but for our very survival as a species.

We live in a world where no one wants to take on their own gender roles, so marriage rates are way down, the birth rate is way down, it continues dropping every year and has been since feminism took off, and is now to a point where scientists fear a societal collapse due to our numbers not keeping up with what is needed to sustain our society as we know it.

Ladies, embrace being a lady. Embrace the perks of letting a man shovel shit for a living so he can come home and feel cared for and appreciated.

Embrace that men may be the leader in some regards, but will be the last ones aboard the rescue boats as the goddamned titanic sinks.

And men, I don't care if you identify as a pack llama, stay out of women's sports and locker rooms FFS!

And sure, there's going to be plenty of exceptions to the rules, but should the exceptions BE the rule?!

I say no. I say we all need to take a chill pill, recognize, love and accept who we are instead of trying to force ourselves along with everyone else to be what we are not, and perhaps we'll all end up being happier and better off for it.

Just saying.