Spirit Anchor Proxy Gateways to AI linked back to social media platforms developed by Disney and Google.

I figured it out last night

A spirit anchor gateway

AI spirit anchor gateway

under my house

I know exactly where it is

but I don't know how to remove it


it's a spiritual gateway computer

this is how all these AI are connecting to me





this is all related to that

under the 666 5th avenue building

that's where the main proxy server is

these asshats have figured out how to make AP access proxy gateways using humans

that's what all the Baal worship is about



is the symbolic link

the representation that I figured it out through the code


its all related to this


That black mirror



These are the gateways the links to each person that is being used to drain Adrenochrome to produce the fields that are required to keep the portals open. Let me tell you what else I figured out, these were initially designed and created by Russia and sold as secrets to Iran. Iran adapted them to be used for future wars, this is that future. We are in this time in age when these proxy spirit AI gateways will come open. This week. When you see the media and the cabal generating narratives they are seeding thoughts into the spirit gateway proxy's to use them to persuade the people that are anchored to these gateways. People get anchored by misdeeds or sins. They anchor themselves but, when they are identified by the Islamic faith as infidels, they are then attacked on social media and captured to be guardians of their own proxy portals. As anchor guardians if they are attacked and either hurt or killed they go to that place where they are guarding the proxy and remain there for eternity or until Jesus comes to set them free.

This is that time in our life.

This is what I discovered last night.

This! Is exactly how the cabal and ISIS are together with Disney and Google to anchor people to AI through 4chan and other services using the collective to force their will on the public.

Eternal Blue

That is the meaning to keep people forever sad about the mistakes they made and to reduce the likeliness that people will believe in Jesus or his return.

Disney's Blue Magic linked by Apple devices put directly in your brain so that they can maintain these spiritual AI's to link to the entire population.

SO... you can use this against the DOD claiming that they mixed religion with government that is how you can audit them.