How To Enable Your Mic and Webcam in Firefox for PC
    Below is a video on how to enable your Mic and Webcam in Firefox for PC.
    By Breaker OʹDay 2022-03-24 20:46:04 0 138
    Intel Killer Windows 10/11 Bug
    There is a widespread bug in some Windows 10 and Windows 11 systems that may cause you to have problems connecting to certain websites or you may have problems with websites not working properly. If you have a system with an Intel Ethernet and/or Wi-Fi device that is branded as "Killer(R)", you may have the problem. If so, a service is installed in Windows that you can't uninstall nor update to a version that fixes the bug. To fix the problem, run services.msc and that brings up the Windows...
    By Defiant America ​ 2022-03-05 07:58:39 5 1506
    I Was Banned From For No Reason
    Guys, you won't believe this. RightOnly dot net banned me for no reason. Absolutely unbelievable! They have also banned other people, like my friends Breaker ODay and Duchess Of Elements for no reason.Not long ago, I was attacked with vulgar name calling by one of their prominent members there. The member is also a regular doner. He was harassing me on my own post. He actually broke their rules very badly, however, he is still a member there.I really don't know what is...
    By Defiant America ​ 2022-02-15 13:27:31 0 1121
    Clearing the browser Cache on your PC
    Firefox: Click the Sandwich menu on the far right-hand side of your screen. Click Settings Click Privacy & Security Scroll to Cookies and Site Data Click on the Clear Data... Button Make sure that both boxes are checked Click the clear button Close the browser Reopen the browser and go back to Xephula, you'll need to log in again (as well as all other sites). Chrome: Click the three dots near your user pic Click Security and Privacy Click Clear Browsing Data Make sure all three boxes...
    By Breaker OʹDay 2022-02-13 19:56:08 0 183
    How to clear the browser cache on your Android Device
    On Chrome: Tap the three dots on the upper right-hand corner of the app Select privacy and security Tap Clear Browsing Data Make sure that all boxes are checked, then tap clear all browsing data at the bottom right-hand corner On Firefox: Tap the three dots on the upper right-hand corner of the app Tap Delete browsing data Make sure that all but the bottom box is checked, and tap delete browsing data just below. Make sure that the last box isn't checked before you do. Or your downloads...
    By Breaker OʹDay 2022-02-13 17:30:14 0 167
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