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    By Duchess Of Elements 2024-01-30 03:24:23 0 64
    Clearing Your Browser's Cache
    When it comes time to clear your cache because of a code update here at Xephula, here's the instructions for you do to so: Mobile browsers Android The steps to clear your cache, cookies, and history may differ depending on the model of your Android device and your preferred browser, but you should be able to clear your cache and data from your application management settings menu: Go to Settings and choose Apps or Application Manager. Swipe to the All tab. In the list of installed...
    By Breaker OʹDay 2023-12-16 06:05:33 0 99
    A Moment of Silence...
    A moment of silence for the following platforms that have gone defunct. This list will be updated as more go offline or come back online. Flote (sold NFTs and "verification" before shutting down) Codias (not enough "investors") politichatter (sold "stock" and shutdown) trumpbook Parler (never coming back) talksos
    By Breaker OʹDay 2023-11-27 00:48:51 0 185
    Recomended Web Browsers
    There are many web browsers out on the market today. Especially on the Google Play Store. I will be covering the ones that I recommend in no particular order.  Firefox Firefox is my go-to browser. Flexible, powerful, fast, secure, and customizable, Firefox has been on the market the longest of the browsers. This browser is also multi-platform. It's available on Linux (it's available as ESR on just about every distro), Android, Microsoft Windows, and I think even Apple (don't quote me...
    By Breaker OʹDay 2023-11-19 22:25:48 0 157
    Password Security
    It's not secure to store your logins and passwords to websites in your web browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Brave, etc.). Many times it's not encrypted and stored in plaintext on your computer. A much better option is to use 2FA and a password manager. There are many out there and many free ones on the Play Store. I am not familiar with the Apple play store, so sorry apple users. When choosing passwords, make sure that you choose a strong password that can't be guessed easily, but can be easily...
    By Breaker OʹDay 2023-10-23 22:28:23 0 209
    Video Problems? Try Re-Encoding!
    If you've downloaded video files from the internet, and they're not mp4 file types, and have strange extensions (the part after the period), like mkv or mpv, then you'll need to re-encode them before using them on Xephula. Even some mp4 files won't play here on Xephula. Those with intermediate computer knowledge, this should be no problem, they already have converters on their phones/computers to do this. Beginners, or those with less knowledge don't, so I will do my best to help. The best...
    By Breaker OʹDay 2023-08-15 23:17:02 0 335
    In-Depth Dive Into Web Browsers
    I've ranted about Chrome being most web-browsers. In this article, I will show you proof of such. Starting with Brave: Coming from their own website at, I show you the screenshot of them admitting that they use the chromium core as their framework for their browser: Now, let's take a look at its chief competitor, Firefox. Unlike most of the market, it is not based on Chromium, they're unique, and built their own browser engine called Quantum. The screenshot below comes...
    By Breaker OʹDay 2023-07-25 23:47:20 0 300
    MOST Browsers ARE Chrome
    Yes, you heard me right: MOST browsers ARE Chrome. Many developers took short-cuts for speed, and time, and used the Chromium Core as the base for their browser and didn't build their browsers from the ground up. Granted, Chrome is fast, but you're giving up your privacy with Chrome, it's loaded with analytic trackers. I don't like being tracked, so I try to get off Chrome asap when on a new platform, and head to Firefox where I can turn the crap off (see screen cap below of the...
    By Breaker OʹDay 2023-07-09 22:48:06 0 382
    How To Enable Your Mic and Webcam in Firefox for PC
    Below is a video on how to enable your Mic and Webcam in Firefox for PC.
    By Breaker OʹDay 2022-03-24 20:46:04 0 663
    Intel Killer Windows 10/11 Bug
    There is a widespread bug in some Windows 10 and Windows 11 systems that may cause you to have problems connecting to certain websites or you may have problems with websites not working properly. If you have a system with an Intel Ethernet and/or Wi-Fi device that is branded as "Killer(R)", you may have the problem. If so, a service is installed in Windows that you can't uninstall nor update to a version that fixes the bug. To fix the problem, run services.msc and that brings up the Windows...
    By Defiant America ​ 2022-03-05 07:58:39 5 2522
    I Was Banned From For No Reason
    Guys, you won't believe this. RightOnly dot net banned me for no reason. Absolutely unbelievable! They have also banned other people, like my friends Breaker ODay and Duchess Of Elements for no reason.Not long ago, I was attacked with vulgar name calling by one of their prominent members there. The member is also a regular doner. He was harassing me on my own post. He actually broke their rules very badly, however, he is still a member there.I really don't know what is...
    By Defiant America ​ 2022-02-15 13:27:31 0 2219
    Clearing the browser Cache on your PC
    Firefox: Click the Sandwich menu on the far right-hand side of your screen. Click Settings Click Privacy & Security Scroll to Cookies and Site Data Click on the Clear Data... Button Make sure that both boxes are checked Click the clear button Close the browser Reopen the browser and go back to Xephula, you'll need to log in again (as well as all other sites). Chrome: Click the three dots near your user pic Click Security and Privacy Click Clear Browsing Data Make sure all three boxes...
    By Breaker OʹDay 2022-02-13 19:56:08 0 669
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