Mr. Mix
    Does anyone remember an old PC game from the early 1990s called "Mr. Mix''? It's mainly a typing game, similar to Mario Teaches Typing, where you have to type words into a box to make a chef (the titular Mr. Mix) put ingredients into a bowl. Unlike most typing games, however, this game is notorious for having an insane difficulty curve. The game has a "Words per Minute" requirement for each level, being as low as 10 on level one and as high as 85 on the third. By level five, the...
    By Breaker OʹDay 2022-04-16 04:21:59 0 833
    New Insurance Book: "The Examination Under Oath"
    The Most Effective Tool Available to Insurers to Defeat Attempts at Insurance Fraud & to Resolve Questionable ClaimsRead the full article at and at plus more than 4150 posts.A Tool Available to Insurers to Thoroughly Investigate Claims and Work to Defeat FraudThe insurance Examination Under Oath (“EUO”) is a condition precedent to indemnity under a first party property insurance policy that allows an insurer to compel an insured...
    By Barry Zalma 2022-04-06 16:48:19 0 689
    how does horticulture relate to transmogrify?
    Dorothy Parker - ever heard of her? - she...
    By Scarecrow III 2021-11-30 12:00:23 0 1044
    Brian Bethel recounts his possible paranormal encounter with 'BEKs'
    By Brian Bethel of the Abilene Reporter NewsOriginally Posted: April 13, 2013 Sometime last year, I was contacted by a television program that wanted to interview me about a strange event that happened a few years ago. With a touch of reluctance, I agreed. The show itself runs tonight at 9 p.m. CST on the Destination America channel. It’s a ... travel program, at least in certain respects. A cameraman and an interviewer came here last year and shot some footage of me and others in a...
    By Breaker OʹDay 2021-11-20 06:41:21 0 1313
    Two Step Dancing In Deer Country
      When I was a small child in days of old, I listened to people talk with an almost reverent sense about how lucky I was that my Dad and Grandpa were so “Old School”. At the time, that was a good thing, meaning that they had grown up with an ingrained and well founded set of morals, ethics and values that they would impart upon their posterity, willingly or not so. I never dreamed for one moment that anyone could ever consider me to be “Old School” in much...
    By Marcus Tipton 2021-05-06 20:43:42 0 1405
    The Albino Buck
    Every once in a while, nature shows off some extremely amazing sites, and rarer still, will share those amazing acts with a few select humans … generally those that have gone out of their way to escape the rat race and who spend enough time out in the natural world to gain even a glimpse of such sites. One of the most fascinating sites I have ever seen in my life, not just in appearance, but in attitude and bearing, was a truly fantastic albino buck, Whitetail deer. From its youth to...
    By Marcus Tipton 2021-05-06 09:21:51 0 947
    Money tree
    I count my blessings. Been Homless during Britain's first lockdown. I don't even notice anymore. I'm working with my American spirit right now. It's my mothercountry.  I've just been surviving. That's all I'm doing. Trying to get into that middle class, elite bracket. So far, my opteration adapted to being 100% mobile. Fuck yeah! The final test is hotel jumping. They are really cheap these days. I've just been working hard. Trying to better my life. And make something of myself. I became...
    By Matthew Gray 2020-11-12 02:07:35 0 2830
    Colostomy Bag of the Damned
    This dimension is only a nanoseconds worth of movement from the next. Possibly not even that. Close enough that the ambient light from the other-worldly can be seen if you aren’t looking. Sometimes as movement in the corner of your eye. Sometimes as a negative image if you close your eyelids.Sometimes you just know you saw......something.....although you are unsure as to how. Dark and shapeless, but very fast. Tendrils moving. Closing in. But you blink and they are gone.   Damn, I...
    By Lord Sweat: GMRS - WRWK740 2020-10-23 23:30:11 0 2044
    Neuro - Nuclear Pulse (The Art Of Remembrance)
    Yesterday...... At least yesterday things seemed like there was something.Someone.Tangeble.Palpable. Today.... Nothing. No one. We were not meant to be this. Of each day being less than we were. I remember that yesterday there was someome.I can remember that she was there. That there was....somebody..... I know she was everything to me.Now a dull grey image that says everything but feels smooth and shapeless. Sullen. Ashen Grey. She is there as a bleached image. As though found frozen in...
    By Lord Sweat: GMRS - WRWK740 2020-10-23 22:54:19 0 940
    Our Supra Cosmic God
    My Treatises All Galaxies are SupraCosmic Gods, In the Center of Our Galaxy is The Light Home of Our Supra Cosmic Creator. There He Dwells As The Primeval Principle, The Source of All Matter In Our Galaxy. From His Central Location He Conducts Matter into HyperSonic Gods Called Stars.  With His Divine Spirit He Carries Them On The Super Winds To A Set Location in One Of The Spirals of His Body. From There The HyperSonic Gods Create TerrestrialGods Called Planets and Moons.  From His...
    By Nibbie Chase 2020-10-14 22:37:27 0 1602
    Owned By My Writing I find with every new writing I write begins with the end of the last. Friends from the past, NYC 1960s were the greatest influence and encouragement. Thoughts of a goal of 10,000 writings of various styles also continued my advancement. Travels from a teen to meet the best of the best artists showed a special expression. I considered the best for my life are credits to my continuance today.  I would never allow myself discouragement only take a break to...
    By Elizabeth Vitale 2020-06-03 07:08:06 0 1264
    By Nibbie Chase 2020-03-06 19:44:54 0 1086
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