Accidentally made my most photoreal render to date
    So I was just messing around, testing out some new lighting setups, seeing how fast my new GPU could knock out scenarios. So before supper, I put together a low lit scene all halfassed, and hit the render button. This render I was just testing, to see if it rendered dark scenes any faster.   After I got done eating, I saw the most realistic render I have ever made on my screen. Something like this usually will take several hours to finish on my old setup, this one was just about an hour...
    By TKDRL Mogwai 2022-03-28 01:32:10 0 385
    Current Art Dabblings
    Today I messed around with some render engines, mostly seeing if it is worth learning the rendering and materials inside of blender. It has come a long way since I last tried rendering people in it, that's for sure. I think this test convinced me to take some courses on it. Normally I have been only using blender's great modelling capabilites, then exporting to iray for rendering.  If I can get such decent looking renders out that fast, without knowing much at all about using the render...
    By TKDRL Mogwai 2022-02-27 06:06:34 0 469
    Hip hop festival
    This evening, I went to the 2nd annual Chattanooga Hip-hop appreciation festival at Miller Park. Being new to the area, I was very excited to go see what type of talent the area had and the culture of hip hop within the city. Being from the Cleveland, OH area, we had a very respectable underground music scene, and since their are not a lot of music venues in Cleveland unfortunately, their could be a hip hop show with a metal show and everything was so music driven, it upped the talent level...
    By Bill Braski 2021-10-17 16:15:59 1 776
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