Inspirations II
    Although this was somewhat unexpected, something strayed across my screen this afternoon (on Tuesday) which reminded me of a former situation where the same logic applied. Apparently, the highly amusing Mr. Musk has decided, allegedly as an anti-bot move, to restrict the ability of members to vote to only those who have the blue check mark - in other words, his paying customers. Is this a good move? My own response would be "yes", based upon the historical model of the early United States,...
    By The Spider 2023-04-02 06:01:29 0 29
    Inspirations I
    My reader might not be surprised to find that I spend a lot of time watching stuff online (I will return to this later on), when I am free and not doing tasks like lesson and materials prepping on a Monday (or other weekday) morning, much of which is of a masculine nature - at the moment, for example, on a Sunday night, I am listening to a recent live stream from Undead Chronic, but I listen remarkably often to Redonkulas, Taylor the Fiend, Raging Golden Eagle, Razörfist, Better...
    By The Spider 2023-03-26 15:20:39 0 36
    Insecurity Equals Narcissism
    I'm no psychologist and this is just all my theory based on observation and that is insecure people tend to be narcissistic and of course, you have got to be insecure when you're a narcissist. I guess it's forgivable that we have our insecured phase growing up but I feel like if you don't outgrow it at some point, it will cost your life and your sanity. I'm a huge advocate of meditation, as it has helped me overcome and let go of my insecurities. I can't fully say that I am no longer insecure...
    By Deedee Franc 2022-09-19 16:19:47 0 135
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