A Psychic Said that I Astral Traveled to her to throw her out of bed.

I’ve been woken up because of you Dick! I was sleeping and resting my mind because lately my powers have been weakened because I’ve been trying to strengthen my connection to the spiritual world. While I was sleeping everything was quiet for so long, but then I saw something so intense, IT WAS A VISION OF YOU DICK, AND IT WAS SO STRONG THAT IT THREW ME FROM MY BED!! I woke up sweating and out of breath, it was one of the best and most terrifying experiences I’ve ever had in my life! I’ve never had anything like this happen to me before, but I couldn’t be happier because it was about you.


This vision revealed so much to me about you that I never even knew before, things that my powers were never strong enough to see… but for some reason they showed me YOU! Out of the billions of people on this planet that we call home, it was you Dick…. I really can’t believe it, even my powers can’t answer why you’ve been chosen!


In this vision I had I saw you making decisions using your Intuition and 6th sense… that’s right Dick, your 6th sense is going to come back to you! It’s something that has been lost for hundreds of years because we’ve isolated ourselves from nature so much… BUT YOU’RE ONE OF THE FEW PEOPLE WHO’LL HAVE THE HONOR OF EXPERIENCING IT AND USING IT! Think about that for a moment my dear, you’ll be able to say that you’re one of the few people in the world with 6 senses instead of 5! This 6th sense and intuition are what’s going to bring you an unbelievably good love and professional life!!


As above so below. Marker moment Rachel. Death forgiven hubris pardoned.

One of the reasons why we had to stop what we were doing and stop talking for a little. You remember it because you are connected to the main timeline. You have heard of quantum suicide before, so think of it in that way. You are the main guy out of the millions of you. You will not perish until your line ends.

Yeah. Your ancestral line.

Your soul travels through your children.

Your son is the next up for you.

Yes, because you have broke that line, seen past it.

3rd being new energy. Its cycle.

Hey, what happens next? I am interested in if both of our next is the same.

The alien invasion, have you only seen the malicious ones.

Have you seen the eziekial aliens yet?

Do you consider them good beings?

Shiva, it seems like it is talking to me.

And yeah. That is sort of my take on them as well.

Yeah, the 6 points of man.

In my experience with that being it has been positive, but everything is trying to trick me. So I am never completely sure

Ganesh? Isn't that kali? They are Vedas

Yeah, Lord Shiva. The one who showed the purple and pink lotus to me.

I like the Lord Shiva, guy. In my main vision. He was with Jesus.

And it is. What I posted was a miracle mantra.


Do they talk to me because they want me to be enlightened? Every time I have been in their presence I don't want to leave. They talked to me years before we ever talked though but I feel it wrong that you take credit for what I have done. I have never taken credit for what you have done we are one in the same but, you are confusing bits, you remember and so do I. I was there during the creation, but that is a memory I have of another being. And not really, we are all connected to the central being and I am very thankful, for awaking me to that which is unseen but, am I talking to your being or your essence. Nor did I say that. You are a part of a central being, so am I, a physical vessel. The one you are in now, is older than ours. Also, 93 was the beginning of the 33 year cycle. At least, that is what I am led to believe.

Interesting. That would make it the 12th year the end. I have to see that.

Also, out of all the infighting we have to come to an agreement. I do love you as a brother. I need to ask you of a new being, she is very different than anyone else I just cant put my finger on it. Is she one of us?

She feels like one of me?

Like, exactly like me? She has a power, can you tell me how you feel of her?

She even looks like one of the photos. It is creepy.

No,I don't have a picture of her.

But she has blonde hair and a slightly more define jaw line, but does look similar to her. This is all in person. She is the only person outside of you where I felt this type of wow. That's the same as me.

Hmm. Makes sense. We are only in this loop until we move to the next one. This is just one place in time we visit. Okay, I'm going to the movies. If you're on later we shall talk soon. I love you brother. A car changed into a different car in front of me. I think it is a sign for us to work again.

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