Passover A Seder for the American Family - By Thea R. and Barry Zalma

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As the oldest member of my family I am required, by tradition, to tell the story of the Exodus to my family members so they can tell it to their children and grandchildren when they get older. My wife and I wrote an American Seder for our own use and pass it on to anyone who does not speak Hebrew to do the same for their family in an understandable, American English.

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For more than 3,000 years Jewish fathers have told the story of the Exodus of the enslaved Jews from Egypt.

We created this English only Seder that works for our family to tell the story of the Exodus painlessly and with the joy and celebration it deserves so that no member of our family forgets what G_d did for us when He took us out of slavery in Egypt and led us to a promised land.