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Sneak Peak Fun Facts:
1. Below are the first ever XEPHULA coins being mined.
2. The reward for finding a Block is 27 XEPHULA
3. The abbreviation for XEPHULA coin is XEPH
4. Every XEPHULA receiving address starts with a capital X
5. This is the first ever public wallet address XfmNiEV5NobRcKqephLVWPCttvQUmU1AS4 (do NOT attempt to send any crypto to this address as XEPHULA runs on its own customized Blockchain that is different from Bitcoin ect)
6. There are 12,000,000,000 XEPH
7. XEPHULA network users will have the option to mine XEPH using their computer's CPU, or GPU's (or mobiles) as long as they are logged in. (All the more reason to stick around!)
8. XEPH wallets can be encrypted and stored with the click of a button.
9. XEPH will be listed at coinmarketcap.com shortly
10. The blockchain explorer for XEPH will be located here on XEPHULA.com in the side bar menu
11. XEPH can be traded live against BTC and USDT on XEPPHULA.com
12. XEPH is a hybrid of TRON, LTE, BTC, and Monero
13. XEPH is a privacy coin with public coin features
14. XEPH will half roughly every four years or so (same as Bitcoin)
16. Upon completion normal updates will resume to XEPHULA.com

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