This dimension is only a nanoseconds worth of movement from the next.

Possibly not even that.

Close enough that the ambient light from the other-worldly can be seen if you aren’t looking.

Sometimes as movement in the corner of your eye.

Sometimes as a negative image if you close your eyelids.
Sometimes you just know you saw......something.....although you are unsure as to how.

Dark and shapeless, but very fast.

Tendrils moving.

Closing in.

But you blink and they are gone.


Damn, I must have eaten all the cereal last night.
The discarded box sitting in the waste can without being crushed.

It might have been my roommate though.
Hard to know as I don’t see him that often.

There is still that leftover pizza.

I throw 3 slices into the microwave and listen to the grease in the cheese popping while it is exposed to the radiation.

Ah the joys of modern technology.

Some more movement to the upper right hand corner.
Like a shadow with purpose.

The microwave beeps attentively at me like SOS in morse code.

I open the RF shielded glass door with a loud pop.

Hard to get anything at night without waking up the demons.
Thankfully they don’t do much but draw your attention, hoping to induce fear.
Or maybe just reacting to us like we do to them.

More movement to the upper right as I move the microwaved pizza to the old wooden wire spool of a table.
Talk about pathetic living conditions.
I think this table might have been my fathers in the 60s.

The movement is closer now.

It crawls across the floor closing on me.


It slides up the table and removes a slice of pizza from the plate.

“Jesus man!"

"You can’t just make more for yourself?!”, I say annoyed at the movement across the table.
The shadowy tendrils writhe slowly. 

I look back down at the cheesy pieces that are left.

The shadow speaks.

“Sorry man, the spawn kept me up all night and I couldnt come out here until now to eat”, he said with all 125 eyes innocently looking at me like some kind of 1950s Opie effigy.

“Its alright Shub-Niggurath, I know how kids can be.”

“There i are still about four or five pieces left if you need.”, I said, “Ill pick up something at the store when I get home from work.”

"Make sure that your kids don't eat the cat again, Okay?"