Hmmmm, ok, so let say you were a hyper-intelligent inter-dimensional jellyfish that floated in the upper atmosphere of a tetrahedron shaped moon of a very sarcastic planet. I mean really sarcastic. So you are just hanging out in the air, floating like you normally do. Then the next second you are ripped over distances and times that are beyond all imagination to a 1970s New York punk club and deposited into the brain pan of something with a Mohawk that you could steer a ship with. You are apparently wearing so much denim, leather and metal spikes that you can barely stand straight. You absorb all of the memories of this life form in an instant albeit you have never been in a body like that before so you are disoriented. Well, time for another ride! And another and another. You ping pong mentally across the multiverse so many times you have lost count and finally when you land for the last time you are in BUITTFUCK NOWHERE IDAHO in front of a building with 30-40 foot wide satellite dishes that read 95.8 MHz FM KUNT in big black letters. You have absorbed the memories of uncountable creatures. Each time you landed you ended up with another lifetime of memory and personality. Now you are a Thorazine like mess laying in a pool of human vomit in the mud.
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