Now this could prove interesting:

" 'Trump has accused the United Kingdom of conspiring with American intelligence to spy on his presidential campaign.' "

"President Trump certainly has made that claim, and one believes for very good reasons that seem to compound weekly.

Having the British run an aggressive intelligence collection operation against Team Trump targets, bypassing US legal prohibitions, and then laundering the intelligence "take" back to US officials via the UK-US liaison relationship is precisely something an "honorary UK desk officer" might be good and adept at accomplishing. Certainly, these subjects and questions deserve closer examination, without the phony"

The most interesting part is that not since the civil war have we had such clear evidence of British meddling in US internal affairs (Churchill's infamy aside) when, by the time the Alabama decision had been stalled until Grant's presidency, the threat of annexation of Canada was employed to get the British to pay up at least part of the reparations they owed the US. 

I think it is time to do that again and actually annex Canada.  Canada would profit, it would become part of a real country rather than just a location and be able to share and exploit its resources for its own good rather than that of the BEIC.  After all, it is only a corporation and has no constitution - which is how the BEIC can exploit it shamelessly.

So, use a cattle prod if we have to to get the old woman to talk, eh?