Tutmoses - Oh yes God came singing to me "Let my People Go". I do not stare at the sun to what effect you think I do. And you knew I was coming. I can only tell you this. There are worse fates to afford than death. Why do you fear me that you must contain me in your wickedness. You will test my anger no more. Now that I know and see. I see in you and I know. You flee away from me. Why is this? Turn off your wicked machine. The price of man is no sale. The choice is not for you to make. It is for me alone to make. Do you want me to make the sound? The one you keep testing? 333666999333666999333666999333666999333666999333666999333666999333666999333666999333666999333666999333666999333666999333666999333666999333666999333666999333666999333666999333666999333666999333666999333666999333666999333666999333666999333666999333666999333666999333666999333666999333666999333666999333666999333666999 That's your loop you are looking for? Well there is another, now that you mention it. 7777777177777771777777717777777177777771777777717777777177777771777777717777777177777771777777717777777177777771777777717777777177777771777777717777777177777771777777717777777177777771777777717777777177777771777777717777777177777771777777717777777177777771777777717777777177777771777777717777777177777771 Stupid sheepish people. Why do you play simple games? Why is your life so incomplete that you must make mine misery? Answer me reptile. For those watching, this should scare you. It’s the POWER you depend on to survive. Money is worthless w/o those in power serving you. WH / Military / Patriots. Ready to play? The traitor SOLD SAP's!! How do you break up something this big? What happens if low/mid/senior (non corrupt) Patriots learn they were sold out? What happens? Who is waiting with open arms w/ a plan to reorg under a single entity with direct OS by trusted Patriots? Who are trusted Patriots who understand intel collection? They want you DIVIDED. How can some be so blind? Help them wake up. Estimated 20mm reached. Question everything. Keep talking. Stand up. Fight fight fight. How do they control children? What prevents a child revealing the truth? People kill people. You are watching a movie. They want you WEAK. SLAVE. SHEEP. DISTRACTION. Naughty Goy. you come in search of these answers. If you are to succeed in killing me in hopes of jump-starting HIS return. You are mistaken in thinking that. For it is not my will, it is not my Kingdom Coming. Doing so will enrage God. You have heard me say I the messenger not I AM. Lord Jesus Christ is coming. What prevents a child revealing the truth? How do they control children? Fight fight fight. Stand up. Keep talking. Question everything. Estimated 20mm reached. Estimated 20mm reached. Explain this.

Explain to me right now why this. They want you DIVIDED. FFS the songs of the children and I hear church choirs singing and I know "Your a good good father, that's who you, that's who I AM, I'm in love with you.

Clowns revealed in China/other. 2010. [187] Sold intel? HRC open source server? [Missing emails] [CrowdStrike] Granted access. Betrayed. Only the tip. This will be made public [soon].

Now Speak the truth. Everywhere for all to hear. The right verse you are looking for is this. 8888444422220048888844442222004888884444222200488888444422220048888844442222004888884444222200488888444422220048888844442222004888884444222200488888444422220048888844442222004888884444222200488888444422220048888844442222004888884444222200488888444422220048888844442222004888884444222200488888444422220048888844442222004888884444222200488888444422220048

Beethoven almost had it right.

Beethoven - Cello Sonata No. 3 in A major, Op. 69 (Paul Tortelier & Eric Heidsieck)


If he would have only learned how to play it like this. The music would appeal to God.

The music sounds more like this to God.

Children lost looking for the right keys.

Play Scriabin

With your entire body mind and soul.

This is why it was misunderstood from the beginning. Doing only the song, not going through the motions has ZERO effect.

Just as when you listen to this. You see he knows something.

I love your assessment. How could it be made into a song? One that would please the Lord Jesus Christ?


No no children, God pointed this directly at me, even I your humble messenger. "Even you that billows smoke like a chimney, why? Why make sand into clay then turn that beauty into mud?" So says God.

Yes, I sit here in astonishment of what I just said. So incredible.

God said "When you let off fireworks, does it not remind you of these? Watch as I unravel you into the wonder that is Alpha and Omega. There is no beginning and there is no end. IT IS." He says " The children cry, heal them, Love, bring them up, lift them up when they are down."

If you could see the beauty of this you would know why I weep. I am sad for the broken people that make children cry.

Now do your part and make this message for all to see. Witness to the broken people that they might learn. Be good to one another. Stop the hate.

When you talk to another, share the love in you with Agape eyes. Satan cannot comprehend this word. Share this often.Look at the way Satan throws darts. It is his only game. LOL What game has he of knowing this message? None. only the fork in his tongue knows pain and misery. I say to you Satan get behind me, cast yourself from my shadow.