The Egyptian writing shows that God is one and alone and that none other exists with him; he existed when nothing else had being. Yet he is hidden from both gods and men. He is father of the gods and men. God is one and alone, and none other exists with him. God is the One, the One who has made all things. God is a spirit, a hidden spirit, the spirit of spirits, the great spirit of the Egyptians, the divine spirit. God is from the beginning; he existed from of old and was when nothing else had being. He existed when nothing else existed, and what exists he created after he had come into being. He is the Father of beginnings. God is the eternal One; he is eternal and infinite and endures forever and ever.  God is hidden and no man knows his form. No man has been able to seek out his likeness.  He is hidden to gods and to men; he is a mystery to his creatures. No man knows how to know him. His name remains hidden; his name is a mystery to his children. His names are innumerable; they are manifold and none knows their number. God is truth and he lives by truth and feeds thereon. He is the king of truth and he has established the earth there on. He gives life to man; he breathes the breath of life into his nostrils. God is father and mother, the father of fathers and the mother of mothers. He begets but never was begotten. He produces but was never produced.  He begat himself and produced himself.  He creates but was never created. He is the maker of his own form and the fashioner of his own body. God himself is existence; he endures without increase or diminution. 
He multiplies himself millions of times and he is manifold in form and in members. 
God made the Universe; he created all that is in it. He is the Creator of what is in the world, of what was, of what is, and of what shall be. He is the Creator of the heavens and of the earth, of the deep, of the waters, and of the mountains.   
God stretched out the heavens and founded the earth. What his heart conceived straightway came to pass, and when he has spoken it comes to pass and endures forever. God is the father of the gods; he fashioned men and formed the gods. God is merciful unto those who reverence him, and he hears him that calls upon him. God knows him that acknowledges him. He rewards him that serves him, and protects him that follows him.