I have been monitoring and analyzing this Data for Months now and noticed and understood each of the big drives to RE-Seed the Virus in certain Population Centers. This Epidemic in the USA isn't playing by the normal rules in a large population over a many month period from 1st cases. They don't oscillate up and down on a grand scale several times over a whole season . I imagine some good ole bush boys at the agency and Evergreen Air and unCharted night time spray flights can explain these patterns . You can see where it is drastically dying down and then , like black majick, they start rising dramatically . Only 4 or more seeding and re-seeding operations of the virus really explains this. Also the dispersing bosses and planners for the agents or operatives and pilots saw in the first 2 re-seedings that the effects were not as dramatic as they needed so on this 4th DOSING they packed more in or longer duration and saturation occurred , and had a much sharper effect. Immediately at beginning of VOTE SCAM they moved , Dallas Ft. Worth Tx I saw had Chem Spraying for a few hrs ,1st time in months or years since Trump squelched it , In Broad Daylight, on either Nov. 4th or 5th while i was traveling. I bet there were other flights in Big City areas, probably at night though.