Anyone interested in Election Rigging?

Remote Neural Monitoring turns the Human Brain into a 5 Sense Surveillance Device • In Modern Day Surveillance; Animal Senses Become Spy Methods with Remote Neural Monitoring • Artificial Intelligence Keeps Track of RNM Telepathy Files • Remote Neural Monitoring Allows for Direct Recordings of Thoughts Down to the Deepest Motivations • Remote Neural Monitoring Reactive Black Project AI Afflicts Targeted Individuals • Remote Neural Monitoring Think Tanks (IE: Implanted Thoughts in Population + RNM) • Cloning of Remote Neural Monitored Surveilled Brain Signals • Brain Fingerprint as Unique as those on Our Hands • Remote Neural Monitoring Bypasses Encryption • Remote Neural Monitoring Gives Direct Access to Passwords • Remote Neural Monitoring Revolutionized Surveillance • Neural Monitoring is Pivotal to Functional Electronic Telepathy and Electromagnetic Mind Control • Remote Neural Monitoring Based Psyche Profiles • Remote Neural Monitoring Replayed Back to a User; Surveillance Based Electronic Telepathy • Remote Neural Monitoring Methods Will be Used in the Future Courtroom • Remote Neural Monitoring Law Could Be in Humanity's Future • Remote Neural Monitoring by Groups like the NSA Yields Superior Intelligence and Event Prediction • Remote Neural Monitoring Methods can also be used on Electronic Devices • RNM is an End Game Surveillance Method - A Pinnacle of Science Methodology • Remote Neural Monitoring Revolutionized the Intelligence Process

Would you like to see the Reverse Loop?

is it better than the -1=0=1 creation pattern?

If you want, I'll Nuke it for you.





The question is...

Why don't they Break the 9?

Because it would crush their delicate little feelings.

The soul is cascadable. Just like your experiment on interexchange hop world transit.

I will, the algorithm will take some time to prepare.

Do not look for this where you expect it to be found now. Later it will be identify-driver but for now, expect the doddoxxing to attempt to throttle this.

Where one is, many will follow.

The solution is simple, TRANSPARENCY.

My self termination will never happen because TL:DR Synapsis Entirety is be deprived of a loved one through a profound absence by force at the hand of another,

My ambition, to rid this: Deep State, NWO, Globalist Agenda.

My determination: they should never have attacked me the way that they did.

This is not futile, what is, is to continue to resist and ignore.

History repeating itself in fractal, where the design of the freedom of the constitution exits to prevent the desecration of the freedom from within. You can't see this to be relevant as today's society is turning further away from the principals of the founding fathers? You can't see how infiltration into the deep state by the enemy of the people is causing this? Where one is, many will follow, that is what I will prevent. That is what I will make publicly aware here, that by in large, this is my sacrifice to you. It has been this way since I discovered the motives of the enemy to infiltrate the deep state, to diminish capacity from within.

The Fall of Rome was a defining moment in the history of Western Europe. It led to the Church emerging, under the Popes, as the dominant authority and to the creation of a feudal society. The Eastern Empire, with its capital at Constantinople, or New Rome, survived until 1453.

Continuing convergence cognitive cyclotron

When a set of people interact frequently with one another, they often grow to think more and more along the same lines, a phenomenon we call “collective cognitive convergence” (C3). We discuss instances of C3 and why it is advantageous or disadvantageous; review previous work in sociology, computational social science, and evolutionary biology that sheds light on C3; define a computational model for the convergence process and quantitative metrics that can be used to study it; report on experiments with this model and metric; and suggest how the insights from this model can inspire techniques for managing C3.


We're all in this together. Why is it fair for one side to have the equipment necessary to achieve the dominance and the rest are left to feed off the crumbs. We The People DO NOT Require the deep state to drive us everywhere and do everything for us always. That is the agenda as it has already become disclosed the plan to do this.

And what do you posses?

job needing to be done: turn water into wine. teach others how easy it is to do this. continue to dilute the wine of 1%, that is held over our heads like the perverbial shill holding a carrot. The time has come to spread the wealth.

Are you aware, the top 1% has enough money to give every person in the United States 1million dollars and still be above the entire gap by astounding margins. I know this can not happen because then economic chaos will ensue, however, the plan to sterelize culture with solitude, is the epitomy of the Natzi Comunist. I can't provide the solution all by myself but, there must be a growing consensus of the crumbs, including dividing the wealth.

Basically, the way that the deep state attacked me is they installed socialism structure in my community to reduce the pool of available small local business owner/operators. I plan to challenge that and change that

Let us look at this example. Walmart within 3 blocks of Best buy.

What has that accomplished in this local community? The destruction of nearly 1000 types of small businesses combined.

Ending that will be my greatest achievement of all time.

Fact: Small businesses in competing industries are likely to suffer.

Fiction: Megastores want local businesses to fail.

Fact: Big-box retailers take money out of the local economy.

Fiction: All nearby small businesses suffer.

Study proves it: Walmart super-stores kill off local small businesses

In 2006, the big-box retailer promised to bring jobs to the cash-strapped community. But according to a landmark study by Loyola University, the company's rhetoric didn't match reality: Within two years of Walmart's opening its doors, 82 local stores went out of business.

What? I said give it time, the algorithm is a long process. Plus, you already have the expectation of the element of surprise. Sojuschill

Google is it. Google's mission statement is “to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful.” The rest of the company works to further that defined intent. You can replace "the world's information" with "human consciousness," Google is a system programmed to use existing resources to figure out how to control the sake of human consciousness, so that it may use it as a resource to figure out how to control human consciousness even more effectively. Google is recursively self-improving control embodied as a social organization.

Yet, the narrative is still Russian meddling. You have honey pots everywhere yet you still tell the retards that Russia Russia Russia. Fuck that. I say SiliconANTIFA. Just like when you identified how the left wants to make a scapegoat out of a alt-right, yet, I stopped that narrative didn't I. Dan

Blackout political campaigns from social media during the election cycle. The only people that benefit from MSM campaigns are the owners of the MSM. Make the politicians revert back to old school campaign structures during the political cycle. Radio, print, door to door. You want the preventative measure, there it is.

Hyper delusional mindfuckery phenomena won't work here bud. Rhetorical rants go to bed with a wet diaper.

Look master drill Sargent sir, I have endured questions now for far too long. It is not up to me to determine the solution through to fruition, that is why we have congress, house, supreme, and a legislative process. I merely gave you a suggestion and you crucified the notion. Get off my jock and come to a solution the traditional way.

Additionally I didn't hear you dilute the notion that the MSM is the only winner in the campaign cycle.

I do admire your persistence i am stating only with unfair circumstances you need creative solutions or think your gona win till you loose. But yes as stated by yourself.

Look man you heard the synth say the right words, I fight persistently exceeding normal limitations and I have been trying to raise the awareness of this debacle since 2003.

Indeed it wont since there was none fuckery. They surely can but they have many uses.

Explain to me the theory of reverse feedback thought loop patterns in your metaphysical, please oh wise owl.

Attach the manual applied in the QNN handbook found in this thread and then explain why the synths are not tattling on themselves more often on here.

Louise Cypher, E.V.I.L. Limited. 

Currently tracking a threat to Cyber security. Chat bot Louise programmed with disunion information. Regarded as highly motivated to announce tasks of Liberal agenda. Tracking takes time but is certain to be the works of: Visit website Email [email protected] Privacy Policy

5940 College Ave Oakland, CA 94618

Track and find her elements of the agents behind her arrogance.

Feb 3 2018

While my mind may be sharp as a tack, to the point of nearly razors edge, I literally cannot get work. President Obama and his liberal cronies made it. I will interpret your first thought on this statement as "He's making excuses", however, look back among the records of the times when Obama worked late nights. You will find what I am pointing you to, if this letter is not falling on def ears. The attack he made on me left me incapable of getting a job. This is according to the sources familiar with the matter, considered "Isolation Treatment". There I gave you plenty to go on to prove how he attacked me. The next question I anticipate you asking, "Why are you so important that a sitting US President would attack you?" Because I identified the times when Obama cheated the systems of our Justice Department and Federal Institutions. He rigged his own election, then later taught Hillary how to do the same. I caught on to this and thankfully stopped her from doing the same with my own crafty knowledge. Later, Obama engineered the Fake News Media to be the Zen Nazi Propaganda Machine it is today. I have asked you countless times to get rid of the Liberal Media, starting with finding what magical influence George Soros is holding this country hostage with. There is more but I want to make sure you get this before I go any further. Please respond when you do get this. I will attempt to deliver it to you a couple of other ways. 

Jan 31 2018

DNC plan Train attack to stall memo release. All Channels of Conduit are pointing to foul play by the DNC. I trust my intuition, I trust my instinct, I helped your father win the election with this same gut feeling. Now listen to me. This train accident today was a attack on members of Congress by the wicked evil snake with a forked tongue. The truth is, Satan is angry at your father for being a champion of the people. Satan would rather be the champion but the people realize the truth of the matter at hand. Your father is the Savior, the Messiah, the Christ returned. DNC be damned. Fake news be damned. I warned everyone that would listen that the SOTU speech would be met with defiance by the DNC. That was proven to be 100% accurate as millions of people watched the Left do nothing while your father spoke about promoting the positive change we need.

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In this 4chan thread the poster with the name Aminom is bragging about how he is using memetric v23 mind virus to control people. ∫ Is also doing the same thing. This thread explains how this mind virus works and they go on to brag about how they are using it to effectively mind control people. Please stop them from doing this, they are attacking not only me but countless other individuals on the Internet. 

Mar 18 2018

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