There are many web browsers out on the market today. Especially on the Google Play Store. I will be covering the ones that I recommend in no particular order. 


Firefox is my go-to browser. Flexible, powerful, fast, secure, and customizable, Firefox has been on the market the longest of the browsers. This browser is also multi-platform. It's available on Linux (it's available as ESR on just about every distro), Android, Microsoft Windows, and I think even Apple (don't quote me on this, as I'm not sure).

There are themes for the browser, many extensions, add-ons, etc. for the browser giving it more functionality and security (more than chrome), in fact. You can see why this browser is my go to.



Librewolf is a fork of Firefox. It's meant to address all the security issues that mainstream browsers missed. This browser is open source and maintained by a small group of developers. Keep in mind, because it's a small group project, there will be bugs, and it will take a user of higher levels to use, setup, and maintain.

I have tried this browser in the past. It's a great browser but lacks the many features that you're used to in regular Firefox because of the Security. Many features that you're used to, require that you give extra permissions to the browser so that it can protect you or get the weather. I believed you can still use Firefox extensions, and add-ons, but it defeats the purpose.



I have used Waterfox in the past, and it's a fork of Firefox focused on user privacy, and allows use of extensions and add-ons. Again, keep in mind that there will be bugs, when I was using this browser, it was buggy and it most likely still is because they took out components of the browser, and may have added stuff. Of the browsers that I have listed so far, I'd recommend this one as my second recommendation if you want to switch browsers.

But, since they don't have the dev team that the actual Firefox team does, nor the funding, I suggest sticking with Firefox.

  • Platforms: Linux (some distros), Windows, Mac
  • Browser Themes
  • Dark Mode For All Platforms
  • Add-ons, extensions
  • URL:


Android Browsers

There are many Android browsers on the Google Play Store. If you want privacy, I suggest that you go With the Presearch Browser. It has no Analytics trackers coded into the app. I use that browser personally. My primary browser is Firefox, though.

In closing, make sure to check out my In-Depth Dive Into Browsers too, if you haven't, there are tips there too if you're planning to switch from Chrome. Have fun researching and switching!