These are not protesters...
These are degenerate , emotionally retarded , mindless rabble that has been whipped up into a frenzy by the media and the DNC..
These are unhinged , brain damaged idiots who dont even know why they are "protesting" or who they are protesting..
All they know is what the programming has told them to do and say...
In between their Cancel culture online stalking and their destruction of private and public property, all they know is ORANGE MAN BAD and White is racist.
Liberalism is a plague and a disease.
Unfortunately for us , we dont have the luxury of "protesting" we have been kept subservient to paying bills to live..
I hate the fact that we have been mired down by the government and cant counter the actions of the unhinged, violent , radical domestic terrorists the DNC and media has created..
Antifa , BLM , MS-13....All of these are violent and militant extensions of the DNC and their propaganda machine.

Activists toppled the statue of Francis Scott Key, who wrote the lyrics to the “Star Spangled Banner” Friday evening in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco.

Per , protesters tore down statues of people in history across the country, condemning them for their ties to slavery, all on Juneteenth, the day to celebrate the freeing of enslaved people over a century and a half ago.