The one who is not created cannot be grasped in the imagination. Indeed all things become clear through him, and he is manifest in all things, appearing mainly to those to whom he wishes to convey knowledge of himself.

It is God then that everlastingly governs all the sources of life in the Cosmos; he is the eternal dispenser of life itself. But when life has once been dispensed to all the sources of life, the supply of it is maintained in accordance with eternal law; and the manner of its maintenance I will proceed to explain. 

The Cosmos moves within the very life of eternity and is contained in that very eternity where all life issues, and for this reason it is impossible that it should at any time come to a stand, or be destroyed, since it is walled in and bound together, so to speak, by eternal life. 

And the Cosmos is itself the dispenser of life to all things in it here below, and the place in which are contained all things which are subject to control beneath the Sun. The movement is of the Cosmos itself consists of a twofold working; life is infused into the Cosmos from without by eternity; and the Cosmos infuses life into all things that are within it, distributing all things according to fixed and determined relations of number and time, by the operation of the Sun and the movements of the stars. 

The process of time is wholly determined by Gods law; but the lapse of terrestrial time is marked by the changing states of the atmosphere, and the variations of heat and cold; while that of celestial time is marked by the return of the heavenly bodies to their former positions as they move in their periodic revolutions.