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If you, or your staff of insurance claims people, need to understand insurance, insurance law, and how to professionally handle first or third party insurance claims, sign them up for this program where they can, every day listen to a 5 to 15 minute video on an important insurance and insurance claims issues adapted from Barry Zalma’s treatise, Zalma on Insurance Claims – Third Edition.Listening to a video every morning with the claims person’s first cup of coffee can, for only $5 a month, turn an adjuster into a knowledgeable and professional claims handler.

I will try to produce a new video for subscribers every working day. This program will be the easiest and least expensive programs to train a staff of claims people who can provide excellence in claims handling to people presenting claims on insurance policies.

The first video of the Excellence in Claims Handling program is available now to subscribers to the Zalma on Insurance Community at locals.com and here and as an example what you and your claims staff will get when they subscribe. The first video is in this blog post.

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The first video is available FREE as an example of what will be provided each day below.

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