Guys, you won't believe this. RightOnly dot net banned me for no reason. Absolutely unbelievable! They have also banned other people, like my friends Breaker ODay and Duchess Of Elements for no reason.

Not long ago, I was attacked with vulgar name calling by one of their prominent members there. The member is also a regular doner. He was harassing me on my own post. He actually broke their rules very badly, however, he is still a member there.

I really don't know what is going on there, but I can tell you that they claim they have 6 developers, but they are all anonymous. They are using PHPFox social network script where they only have to install the script and change settings in the admin dashboard. I don't know why it needs 6 developers to do that. They are asking for donations all over the site and members are giving their personal information to them. It's very concerning.

The head "moderator" or whatever you want to call him, WaldoJacksonPeabody, injects himself into people's conversations and gets other members to start harassing them. He also frequently tries to shame members into giving money.

Right before I was banned, early Monday morning, Waldo posted on my wall and said that I told a member that "I would donate if they improved the site." He was trying to gaslight me into giving money to them. I never said what he claimed, and I told him I didn't. He kept insisting that I did and claimed he had a screenshot of it. Of course, he could not produce it because it never happened. Then I was banned. Although my profile still shows, with a "BANNED" label on it, all of my replies to him on the comment thread were removed.

There is no way to contact them either. Their only contact email address bounces emails.

I am shocked. RightOnly dot net is worse than Facebook.