Construction Defects and Insurance Volume Three Second Edition

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Construction defects have grown into one of the most active areas of litigation in the United States.

Construction Defects and Insurance Volume Three Second Edition: The Commercial General Liability Policy the Construction Defect Policy; CGL Policy Format and Structure; Exclusions to CGL Insurance by [Barry Zalma]

Written by nationally-renowned expert, Barry Zalma, Construction Defects & Insurance is designed to help property owners, developers, builders, contractors, subcontractors, insurers, lenders, risk managers and lawyers avoid construction litigation, confidently and rapidly resolve claims associated with construction defect issues, or litigate construction defect litigation.

Construction Defects & Insurance addresses a wide range of topics associated with this escalating and expensive problem. Barry Zalma, has more than 54 years’ practical experience in this area. He is a highly sought after consultant and insurance claims handling expert witness who has testified nationally in state and federal courts.

Thorough, yet practical, this series of books form the ideal guide for any professional who works in or frequently interacts with the construction industry, construction defect insurance or the legal practice prosecuting or defending suits alleging construction defects or insurance claims relating to construction defects.

Claims professionals, risk managers, producers, underwriters, attorneys (both plaintiff and defense), and business owners will benefit greatly from the multiple volumes.

It is also the perfect resource for insurance educators, trainers, and students whose role requires an understanding of construction defect law and construction insurance law.

This, the third volume of Construction Defects & Insurance, includes materials concerning:

   The Commercial General Liability Policy the Construction Defect Policy
   CGL Policy Format and Structure
   Exclusions to CGL Insurance
   Claims Made Provisions
   Coverage After Project is Completed
   Additional Insured Endorsements
   Failure of Agent or Broker to Obtain Insurance Requested
   Contractor’s Pollution Liability
   Property Insurance
   Construction Related Exclusions
   Deductibles, Self-Insured-Retention & Coinsurance
   Public Insurance Adjusters
   Certificates of Insurance
   Builders Risk Insurance
   Obligations of a Condominium Association
   Surety, Performance and Payment Bond Claims
   Flood Insurance or search at