I find with every new writing I write begins with the end of the last. Friends from the past, NYC 1960s were the greatest influence and encouragement. Thoughts of a goal of 10,000 writings of various styles also continued my advancement. Travels from a teen to meet the best of the best artists showed a special expression. I considered the best for my life are credits to my continuance today. 

I would never allow myself discouragement only take a break to collect reasons and feelings I would express with writing again. 

I picked up a guitar, traveled the states, played with a few greats then moved on.
I found an entertainer wasn't my major. I do play piano at times along with a few strings of the guitar for my videos of writings, but don't find a need to compose to the point of finished product. I finish when I am done speaking with my music.

I now have over 10,000 writings of various styles, several videos with Poetical Story Reading of my writings and a few expressive readings with music I wrote. I have fun when I listen to the feelings I share from many years ago writings as well as present time writings. 

Pictures of myself in Hollywood California and general pictures are around the web on various social networks, more info about me along with my writings. 

I hope you enjoyed a moment of my life from this short mention of who I am.

My motto has always been "To Be Better Than The Best"

Thank you for your time

Elizabeth Vitale