Zalma on Insurance Claims Part 109 Third Edition

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This is the latest addition to Barry Zalma’s insurance claims treatise on insurance claims and is the Ninth part of the most thorough, up-to-date, expert-authored insurance claims guide available today.

Written by nationally-renowned insurance coverage expert Barry Zalma, an insurance coverage attorney, consultant, expert witness, Certified Fraud Examiner and blogger. Zalma on Insurance Claims provides in-depth explanations, analysis, examples, and detailed discussion of:

   Property insurance claims

   Third-party liability claims

   Casualty claims

   Insurance Fraud

Thorough, yet practical, this book, and the Treatise of which it is a part, is the ideal guide for any professional who works in or frequently interacts with the insurance industry. Claims professionals, risk managers, producers, underwriters, attorneys (both plaintiff and defense), and business owners will benefit greatly from this multiple volume guide. It is also the perfect resource for insurance educators, trainers, and students whose role requires an understanding of insurance law.

This, the ninth part of Zalma on Insurance Claims, includes materials concerning:

   Identifying Insurance Fraud

   Professional Conspiracies

   Multiple Types of Insurance Fraud

   How to Join the Fraud Fight

   Case Studies of Successful Fraud Investigations

   Checklist 1 – Types of Insurance Fraud

   Checklist 2 – Red Flags of Fraud – Property Insurance

   Checklist 3 – Red Flags of Fraud – Liability Insurance

   Appendix A – Commonly Used Medical Acronyms and Abbreviations

   Appendix B – Glossary of Medical Terms

(c) 2021 Barry Zalma

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