I’ve never been huge on welfare programs and this is a sterling example of why – of what “free money”, so called, does to people. I actually felt compelled to invent a new word for these kinds of creatures that roll over for benefits despite being able to stay on payroll…

You might recall a few episodes back when I shined a light on the simp problem – guys who offer a women they don’t know everything in hopes to garner some attention. The bottom wrung of men. Well, I noted a similarity between them and people who show their bellies in docile subservience to the government to collect welfare.


The obvious difference being that the Stimps often get what they want, while the Simps go hungry. Though I’m willing to bet there’s quite a bit of overlap.

Imagine being so ungrateful to your employer who fought for a forgiven loan to keep you from losing your job that you blast her like a fan-artist on twitter who drew Avatar Korra the wrong shade of brown. The kind of people that are spawned when you offer to pay them for not working are petulant and, honestly, not the kind of people I’d even want on the job.

I don’t know what came of this women afterward, but I hope she gave those ungrateful sacks of shit what they wanted and fired them. Let them have their gibs. Let them see how long it holds them over.

This kind of obsession with short-term gains is exactly what made China such a problem in the first place. Cheaper shit for a cheapened work ethic. Not that the people doing the outsourcing need to worry about that. Thanks, McKinsy and Company, may a marauding band of orcs spit roast you in front of your children.

It is Stimps, these, entitled middle-age people trapped in the bodies of young adults that stump for people like the great conman himself, Bernie Sanders who promoted free shit more than he did freedom. Including the freedom to fuck up. Mistakes, much like the continued mishandling of this “outbreak” of mostly asymptomatic cases, need to be able to happen so that we know how and when things went wrong so we can avoid making the same mistakes again. People need to be free to live their own lives without the absolute guarantee of a safety-net, lest they not make contingency plans and get complacent and ignorant of the stakes.

That was weirdly more preachy than I meant for it to be…uhh…Stimp’n ain’t king-shit. There, there’s your lesson. How about being glad not to lose your fucking job, how about that?

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