Sometimes Kurt is as full of establishment bovine excrement as the establishment must be, by definition, no less.

But this excerpt from the linked column has it pretty right, as least it seems so; yet the elitists and pseudo intellectuals of both sides of the same political coin will clearly take exception.  so what.  This is about the winners and losers of yesterday, not the results:

"WINNER: The Republican Party’s Populist Wing

The battle for the soul of the Republican Party is over and we won. This is now the party of people who work for a living, people who have little companies, people who want their kids to grow up in a world of regular pronouns and where going to church isn’t a hate crime. It is also a party that cares nothing about where your grandfather came from – we are winning black and Hispanic voters to our cause not by condescending “outreach” but by offering an agenda of good jobs and their kids not being sent off to fight idiotic wars. It is not the party of the Chamber of Commerce – hey geniuses, how’s that pivot to the Dems working out for ya? It is not the party of the bow tie dorks who snicker with their lib buddies over pumpkin-infused IPAs in Georgetown restaurant about those Walmart-shopping, Jesus-liking hicks who make up the base. It is not the party of Wall Street. We are a party that happily includes both the Amish and Lil’ Pump. And the Democrats are the party of hedge funders, college professors, Antifa bums, and people who think “The Handmaid’s Tale” is nonfiction."

Good one, Kurt.

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