Every day we've been reading reports of mail,-in vote problems and frauds... try this list for a small list of shocking events:

   " An unknown number of mail-in ballots lost by the USPS in Butler County, Pennsylvania.

    A vote-by-mail drop box set on fire in Los Angeles.

    Mail-in ballots stolen from mailboxes and discarded on roadsides or in ditches in Sammamish, WA.

    More than 100 undelivered mail-in ballots found in dumpsters in Jefferson County, Kentucky.

    Two postal workers now face federal charges for dumping mail in the trash near Pittsburgh.

    A postal worker arrested for throwing out 99 mail-in ballots in dumpsters in North Arlington and West Orange, New Jersey.

    Mail-in ballots stolen from mailboxes in Colorado Springs.

    More than 13,000 erroneously printed mail-in ballots lacking signature lines delivered to residents of Sanpete County, Utah.

    More than 28,000 people received incorrect ballots in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania.

    More than 49,000 people received incorrect ballots in Franklin County, Ohio.

    Multiple discarded mail-in ballots discovered in a bank drive-thru by a woman in Los Angeles.

    A mayoral candidate arrested for and charged with committing voter fraud with absentee ballots in Carrollton, Texas."

and the list goes on from this investigative report: