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This…this is crossing the line. Waifus are a right, not a privilege!

Before I go on, can we just talk about how fucking weird Australia is? They have one of the most crude populations – famed for crassness and shitposting – and yet one of the most heavy-handed and karen-esque governments on the planet. How does that happen?

Do they like it that way?

Regardless of how these highly intrusive, albeit topical, interferences by the Australian government come to pass, it is a very spooky thought that the government – any government – could be going through your perverted packages and deciding what porn you are and aren’t aloud to consume – within reason, obviously. Child porn crosses a very real line.

But wait! Cuties, that gross-ass pedo-bait French documentary is perfectly fine in Australia. It’s just got an MA-15+ rating. So drawings of girls doing lewd things bad, actual children doing lewd things good.

How absolutely telling.

Thankfully for Australia, much of their censorious bullshit is fairly easily bypassed. VPNs exist, after all. Though shipping physically items is another matter. Perhaps some anime-friendly US firm would be willing to act as an intermediary; taking in packages from Japan bound to Australia and simply repackaging or even double-packaging them. This bullshit new law does, after all, single out packages from Japan. Or perhaps someone could buy up the sex toys and lewd miniatures wholesale and sell them at a mark-up to Australia. Or maybe a Japanese company could come to America and set up shop.

Wow, I’m thinking really hard about this...

In any case, I don’t know how the Australian government expect to stand in front of their constituents and give glowing praise to their solutions to the rampant sex toy problem while also keeping them under lock and key due to the coof. Seems like you might be able to get away with one of those things, but not both at the same time. If you live in Australia, now might be a good time to invest in a good 3D printer, granted those haven’t been banned. You can make all the waifu figures and dildos you want with one of those.

Hell, print yourself a Q Honey Badger while you’re at it.

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