Soft Fraud When Perpetrated Against Insurers

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For reasons known only to governmental entities some insist on categorizing fraud into both “hard” and “soft” fraud. By so doing the governmental entities that so categorize fraud make one type of fraud less heinous and less criminal than the other. Fraud, whether categorized “soft” or “hard,” are criminal and if a person is tried and convicted of fraud both can be sent to jail for the same amount of time.

The types of insurance fraud some call “soft fraud” are found in every type of claim presented to an insurer.

The reality is that Soft Fraud is a criminal violation and a breach of a material condition of the policy. It contributes to increased insurance costs. As a result of increased insurance costs, millions of Americans cannot afford sufficient insurance coverage. One cannot commit an innocent or partial fraud any more than one can be partially dead. Once fraud is committed the contract of insurance is violated and voidable and the crime has been committed.