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The only real shock that came to me over this story was the fact that I could have sworn reparations had been distributed at least once before. Was it just done on a county basis or something? Well, even if it HAD been done before, you know they’d just be asking or more soon after anyway.

It’s pretty fucking disgusting when people try to grift off the hardships of others. Especially when those people who have even a modicum of a case for reparations are long since dead. Maybe keeping them registered to vote makes them feel better?

There are few wedge issues I detest more than the crown-gib: Reparations. Even the word entails that the money is meant to “repair” something and not just tear and giant, gushing torrent of more bullshit wide open for everyone to drown in. This is a slope so goddamn slick you trip just from thinking about it. And I think that fucker Newsom knows this, which is why he’s only wasting money on a stupid study that will hold everything off for three years. Why so slippery? Too many reasons to cover in the time left in this video, but here are a few.

Regardless of who you are or where you are from there is essentially a 100% chance that, if you had the capability, you could find an ancestor of yours who was a slave. I probably have long dead distant relatives who were Germanic tribesmen that were taken and made into oily manservants by the Roman Empire. What if they were emancipated after the Islamic occupation of Europe 1500 years ago? Can I go to fucking Vatican or Istanbul with my hand out? Shit no. Even if I did have documentation going back that far proving it to be the case nobody would care. And neither would I. Everyone involved is dead. It’s not even worth my time to go graverobbing and pulling gold teeth.

b-b-but scathing, reparations is about America paying the descendants of its slaves!!

Hmmm…Good point, Literally Shaking Man. In fact, let’s toss in the Irish and Chinese railroad workers that were slaves in everything but name. Oh! And the Japanese Americans that were rounded up by the left’s favorite welfare baren FDR. And of course we can’t exclude all the Meso-American tribes that got it many times worse than the African American population did at any point in time. But it’s weird, why aren’t any of these groups even three fifths as vocal about demanding cuck-bucks as the Al Sharpton’s and others disgusting race-pimps in this country? Could it be they don’t care? So strange that such a systematically racist country would only specifically disadvantage black people and apparently not the myriad of others. Weird.

Ben Carson said a while back that poverty is a state of mind. He caught a lot of flack for doing so, but only because he was, of course, in many ways, correct. The people advocating for reparations are not self-respecting, honest, hard working people. They are whipped children who think that nothing is ever their fault and that everything wrong with their lives is because of someone else. Do you think if you give someone like that, say, $100,000, their lives will be fixed? Hell no. They’d blow it on a luxury car, and a new wardrobe, and new electronics, or dick enhancement surgery, and then realize a month later that they have car insurance they can’t afford, and that they forgot to pay their utilities. Whereupon they will say that the scales of society are still not even. You see the game being played here.

Equity, as I’ve explained in several other videos, is the means by which you destroy the capability of upward mobility. But that’s kind of always been the MO of the Left. They like to say it was “America’s original sin” that African POWs were sold to us by other African tribesmen for gunpowder, when they were the ones that started a fucking war over not wanted to give them up. When they seceded. When they stopped Lincoln from sending them back to their home continent. When they formed the Klan. When they mandated segregation. When they used every weasel word in the dictionary to trick the majority of the black population into thinking that, after several epochs worth of abuse, that they were on their side.

Reparations won’t help a single person, but if they absolutely need to have them, why doesn’t the DNC bite the bullet and liquidate its assets like their essentially obliged to if they believe their own bullshit? Or better yet, when not send it off to the people that could actually be argued as being truly entitled to it? Put it all in a big pile and burn it. Sending it off across the winds to the souls of the dead slaves. The “debt” would be paid, and inflation would be stemmed, and the democrats would have no money in their war-chest. Ah…progress.
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