It isn't funny, but it is a trap people,. the injection is a trap:

"Then the real adverse events will happen, against whatever is the real mRNA in the vaccines, and when the person vaccinated comes across (this coronavirus) sometime later …. what happened in the animal studies, 20% or 50% or 100% of the animals died. Among people over 80, maybe about 2.5% will experience severe side effects, adverse events where people cannot work or live life normally."

If I read this correctly, the injection sets you up to have a severe reaction to some unspecified virus, unknown as they have not identified the one about which they initiated a mass panic in 2020... 

the funny thing is:

"According to the Center for Disease Control in the United States, Covid-19 has a mortality rate of 0.005 for those aged 50 to 69 and 0.054 for those aged over 70.  The rates for those aged under 50 are much lower and deaths are virtually non-existant in children. So even if you are over 70 and you contract Covid-19, you have a 94.6% chance of survival. If you are in the 50-69 age bracket, your chance of survival is 99.5 %."

so why take on the risks of an injection at all?  Particularly if you are older than 80!

from here: take a look.