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This is fucked. And people wonder why there’s a growing distrust of the medical establishment and the contents of syringes. Someone tell China to come pick this sick prick up, I’m sure there’s plenty of work for this Wang in one of those concentration camps they keep the Uighurs in.

For those of you who don’t know, before I started this channel and made do doing freelance writing and such, I was a psychology student. I didn’t really have a particular goal in mind as to what to do with my degree, but any ambitions I once had for a career in the field were quickly washed away once I took my pathology class during my senior year in early 2016. I learned a bunch of shit in that class; like how gender dysphoria had become too politicized to consider a disorder so they weren’t going to anymore – how scientific. But what REALLY tied my nuts into a knot was when the topic of the DSM-V came up, and how it was penned and put to paper. Do you think the diagnostic manual is written by professionals in the field? It is, but I’d only give you half credit for that answer – and I’d use the term professionals lightly in this case. No, who else but big pharma representatives attend these meetings in tow? When my professor flatly described to me how pill-pushers make ear-marks and split hairs to pull what are essentially fake disorders out of thin air, I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I know a few of my classmates were freaked out too, but the rest just nodded in bovine agreement like nothing was amiss.

I’m not trying to go too far off on a tangent here, but there’s one other thing you should know about quote-unquote “disorders”. There are (or at least were) two key qualifiers for a pattern of behavior or other aberrant displays to be considered a disorder. Distress to the patient, and impairment. There needs to be both. If someone is overtly bothered by their condition and is in some way less able to go about their social, professional, or private life due to said condition, there are reasonable grounds to consider that condition a disorder. Like TDS, for example. I hate to unironically acknowledge that one as being real, but come on, look around. But my “peers” at the American Psychological Association don’t seem to be playing by those rules at the moment. No joke, you can take any rando off the street and find something to diagnose them with. It’s BAD.

But back to the story.

Rambunctiousness and recalcitrance are not illnesses. ODD is not a real thing. Testosterone is not a problematic hormone, but elevated levels of estrogen in a male body are. If this Danny Wang fucker really didn’t know what gynecomastia was or what the other adverse effects of female sex hormones in a male body were, it is a true testament to the educational rigor of whatever med-school must have fast-tracked him for a very charitable alumni donation (I bet you a million Dongs that’s what happened). But if I’m being honest, I don’t suspect innocent malpractice and supervisory oversight – I suspect very foul intent.

Giving a minor any medication without the informed consent of child’s parents is a huge fucking no-no in my mind unless it’s some kind of legit, dire emergency. But altering their body with hormones to the point were a boy need breast reduction surgery just because he’s misbehaving is fucking grimdark. This Danny Wang guy needs to be blacklisted from whatever profession he thinks he belongs to, stripped of his medical license and put to work in a Nike factory. I’m sure his steady needle-hand will come in handy for sowing shoes in a sweatshop.

And Jesus, I actually feel really bad for this J.N. kid. Hormones don’t just fuck your body up if they’re out of whack, they alter your mind and make it more masculine or feminine based on proportions. All people have a certain amount of both testosterone and estrogen, but that is not a balance to be meddled with unless there’s a serious risk in not doing so – and even then dietary and behavioral therapy should come before direct injections. Hardline meds and hormones should only be used as a last resort for real problems and NEVER for something as trivial and normal as a kid giving you lip.

I don’t know if it’s because of the white coats like the priests wore in the dark ages, but it really is a kind of faith when people take a doctor’s words as gospel. The internet exists, people. You can find out and teach yourself a whole lot to keep yourself from being treated like this. I can’t really fault the parents in this story too much because they weren’t aware, but you hear all the time about people mediating their kids just because that just seems like the thing to do because hey, the doctor said so. Doctors are people, and people have the capacity to suck and be evil. Don’t forget that.

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