As a true crime podcaster, I've covered many cases. As a listener of true-crime podcasts, I've listened to hundreds of episodes/cases of crimes from across time and the world. Now, yes, I have listened to Serial. It is some outstanding entertainment. It could also be propaganda. I leave that up to you to decide.

Recently, Adnan Syed had his conviction for homicide vacated, and he was released from prison. The way that the case was vacated, it stunk to high heavens of what I call LWPI. Back in the day, the military called it PI. Or political influence. In Adnan's case, it's remote political influence. A left-wing politician a district attorney (yes they are politicians, they are elected into office), was in trouble over some spending of COVID funds, and was up for re-election, so she cleared Adnan of his case. I believe that she lost her re-election anyway.

Now, Adnan and Hay have been on and off for years. Listening to podcasts over the years, I've heard the entries to her diary. She was so in love with him, then all of a sudden, she feels suffocated, she's changing herself to make him happy, and of course as with anyone she's not going to be happy, and reaches her end with him.

All eyewitness claims about Hae at the school are false, they were mistaken. The last time that they saw Hae was the week BEFORE, NOT the week of her homicide. So the seeing of Adnan in the Library and seeing Hae in school on the same day, and the guy that sold her the fries, were ALL MISTAKEN. This is the ONE of the big things that Serial focused on.

Eyewitness testimony is the worst kind of evidence there is. Unless they're giving testimony the day of the incident or were directly involved with the crime. Even then, they will forget, or get facts wrong because human memory is incorrect and flawed because humanity is flawed. Ask any cop, they'll tell you the same thing.

Say what you will now, with all that testimony out, and that ludicrous ping testimony only proves that Adnon's mobile device was in Lincoln Park and helps to set a timeline. Furthermore, Jay Wilds is a lying sack of kaka. While there is some truth to his testimony, 98% of his testimony is pure kaka. While there is a tidbit or 2 of useful information that you could get from his testimony, it's not worth combing through all his lies just to get to them.

Then there was the far-fetched boyfriend Don theory. OK, I get it, the first person that the cops suspect is the boyfriend, husband, girlfriend, wife, etc. They worked together. His mom would've had to have changed his time card in advance on the computer, which would've shown on the computer. And on a different location? He wasn't working at his home location that day if I recall right. Ludicrous! Those time systems aren't connected even on franchise chain stores, people! It's something called security. They don't want just anyone messing with payroll. Nevertheless, this rules Don out.

Read Hae's diary, it's full of hard evidence, the truth of what was going on. Her voice from the grave. I will be posting that diary in a PDF format as part of a court docket file. It will be on page 517, so just jump to page 517 in your PDF reader for the first page of her diary. THEN, go searching for the court transcripts, you will find all the things I've mentioned above and then some, but a lot of the major stuff that the defense and the Serial podcast screamed about, is total rubbish, in my opinion.

Below is a link to the post with the above-mentioned PDF:

Most of the trial transcripts available are at the link below:

To me, the only REAL piece of evidence that shows what happened between Hae and Adnan is Hae's diary. Hae fell out of love with Adnan after the Prom and the "incident" that happened at said Prom. It sure sounds like to me that she was living a double life because Adnan couldn't date a girl outside his faith. Which is widely known about many religions. Including Islam and the Jehovah's Witness theologies. This could be part of the modus operandi for homicide.

You know the "My religion and parents won't let me be with you, you don't want to be with me because of them. If I can't have you, NO ONE CAN."

Is Adnan innocent? After reviewing all the evidence over time, and after the recent coverage of this case by other podcasts that have done a better job than Serial which was extremely biased, and looking at this from a non-biased Juror's position, he's guilty as sin and belongs in jail. Why?

Occam's Razor: it's usually the most simple answer is usually the correct one.

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