What if the FBI was too corrupt to be cleaned out? Who could replace them? What if we were to save taxpayer money and condense down all the federal law-enforcement agencies into one large one? Let's take a look at the Law enforcement agencies at the federal level:

Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and Explosives

"ATF protects the public from crimes involving firearms, explosives, arson, and the diversion of alcohol and tobacco products; regulates lawful commerce in firearms and explosives; and provides worldwide support to law enforcement, public safety, and industry partners." (Taken from the DOJ Website)

Now, this sounds like something that the FBI would take care of, and the ATF isn't necessary, and the policing of Tobacco and Firearms at the Federal Level is unconstitutional. This branch of the federal Law Enforcement is Unconstitutional and should be eliminated.


Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA)

"DEA's mission is to enforce the controlled substances laws and regulations of the U.S. and bring to the criminal and civil justice system those organizations and principal members of organizations, involved in the growing, manufacture, or distribution of controlled substances appearing in or destined for illicit traffic in the United States; and to recommend and support non-enforcement programs aimed at reducing the availability of illicit controlled substances on the domestic and international markets." (Taken from the DOJ Website)

Again, this sounds like something that the FBI would do. This branch of the federal Law Enforcement can be eliminated, saving billions.


Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)

"The FBI's mission is to protect the American people and uphold the Constitution of the United States. FBI priorities are:

    Protect the U.S. from terrorist attack;
    Protect the U.S. against foreign intelligence, espionage, and cyber operations;
    Combat significant cyber criminal activity;
    Combat public corruption at all levels;
    Protect civil rights
    Combat transnational criminal enterprises
    Combat significant white-collar crime;
    Combat significant violent crime." (Taken from the DOJ Website)

All of this encompasses what the other agencies listed before did. But the FBI is so corrupt, we need to abolish the FBI, and let another agency take over. We will cover that agency later in this article. 


INTERPOL Washington

"INTERPOL Washington's mission is to facilitate international law enforcement cooperation as the United States representative to INTERPOL on behalf of the Attorney General." (Taken from the DOJ Website)

This could also be covered by the FBI, but, I think this should be merged into the DOJ directly after the abolishment of the FBI. Millions could be saved.


U.S. Marshals Service (USMS)

"The U.S. Marshals Service's mission is to enforce federal laws and provide support to virtually all elements of the federal justice system by providing for the security of federal court facilities and the safety of judges and other court personnel; apprehending criminals; exercising custody of federal prisoners and providing for their security and transportation to correctional facilities; executing federal court orders; seizing assets gained by illegal means and providing for the custody, management, and disposal of forfeited assets; assuring the safety of endangered government witnesses and their families; and collecting and disbursing funds." (Taken from the DOJ Website)

This is the Organization that should take over for the FBI and is not as corrupted. They handle almost as much of the things as the FBI does, and would need a little more training to take over the rest of the responsibilities of the FBI. The US Marshals is a much older and much more respected organization than the FBI.