Remember, the liberals, the Democrats, and the left-wing believe in freedom… ONLY FOR THEM. Everything is about control and power for them. Nothing is about the people as they claim. 

For everyone else, freedom only in the ways they want and say. They are dictators, fascists, and Nazis. 

  • The Green Movement = Rules & Regulations (a means of control) 
  • The politically correct movement = speech control & division (a means of control) 
  • The Woke movement = see politically correct 
  • The Black Lives Matter Movement = a psychological means of control, telling people of color that everyone looks down upon you. (Again, a means of control)
  • The AntiFa Movement see BLM. 

All leftist movements based on the Nazi Brown Shirts. I could keep going about the leftist movements. It's all about CONTROL For the left.

There is more to them. Never take anything a democrat politician or voter says at face value. They are liars or only know how to spout propaganda.