⧾⫯⧂Peter⟠⧝δMay 16, 2018

When a flower is born, the world speaks

the world (any world) has an infinite connection to source; as do we; just deeper

When the moon asserts its force,

the waves follow suit.

The water, is, and will always be, the most sacred of all material things

To live by the sword.... is to die by the sword; this is true.

So live with the sword, and you will never weaken in resolve

Evil as we know it, will always be evil

The flower; the counterbalance of nature

So see how even evil, can hide in a flower.

The cosmos erupts with life.

On earth, life sprouts.

perspective, is the greatest gift one can acquire;

that, and an adequate knowledge of the relativistic; the paradoxical.

When white and black, both hide inside one another, paradox becomes a constant

Do good works, and your reward, will be that of universal restitution

Do good works with the intention, of receiving universal restitution, and it will not come

Dissolve the ego

allow your faults, to guide you to your strengths, this is the way; the hard road, but also like the blossom

Many of us, may not want to live this life; and that, under Gods freewill is ok.

but watch the synchronicity of a wave, see the sacred geometry in a see shell.

Open all your eyes, and all your senses to what is around you, Rise up.

Only through self discovery, can you find truth; only through looking deep into self, can you find, yourself

Be kind, not because it makes you look kind in the moment; but because kindness should, and does become instinct

Allow conviction to plant your feet firm, and live in your truth.

The path we all walk, is before us at all times, there are many distractions,

nevertheless, the path is yours to walk. The distractions... yours to overcome.

Now come, for this place is ours. Be an individual, see for yourself; their own plans.

For now come; this place is now yours to talk to the people

Fear will always grip the brain, when you obsess over the fearful.

A man who succumbs to fear, is doomed to be bound by it.

Allow fear to motivate you; gain courage from it, as it is you, who creates your own fears & barriers

Be mindful; understanding fear, is more powerful than trying to fight fear.

Understanding that you create your own fear, is true freedom

Understanding, in all things, gives one an advantage.

understanding, leads to clarity, and clarity to conviction; clarity of mind is sacred in nature.

Clarity allows us to see the whole picture, not just a fragment,

it allows us to understand ourselves, and our emotions.

True clarity, does not consist of just perfect edges; in the obscure, we find, the hidden truths of the mind.

Emotional stability is relative, and different for each individual.

This is by design

Do not allow your emotional behavior, to enslave your conscious mind

as in all things, find balance, and create order; remember who you are

you were made to overcome your own barriers, first conquer self, then conquer; by not conquering at all.

Being your authentic self, is always your greatest weapon.

Birds flock together, and fly, by instruction of the earth; nature's instructions

they are examples of true harmony

They worry for nothings, because they trust, that their destination, is where they will need to be.

they trust in nature

A great lesson can be taken from this.

Man does not trust in nature, neither nature trust man; at first

Men and Women alike, need to understand how to reconnect with the essence of nature.

It is in all living things, We have it; yet we destroy it.

The gift of life, is the most precious gift; the taking of a life, the most damning of things.

When enough turn to truth, enough will see what needs to be changed, and change will happen in society.

Our DNA sheds light on who we are

but it does not define us

never forget what it is, that defines you. Machinery should always be made to compute, it is not right, to give rise to

consciousness, just to bind it, to the in-material.

only your soul; your choices, and actions define you

The things that make you up, are mearly different particles held together by an electro magnetic field.

What matters, is the essence, the one thing inside of you that is indestructible, and ever changing.

Follow the numbers, they are the language of a billion stars

Raise your frequency; open your mind

Go down to the depths of your mind

find the crossroads where matter, and thought meet

there, you will realize, very little matters, but very much matters as well.

Someone or something is always at stake, it is us, who need to be better.

The spacetime void, is a paradoxical fabric

this is why we live, in a paradoxical world

other potentialities exist around us, even near us, at all times.

they fight for manifestation.

At this time, all one can infer, is that, the global world, knows and comprehends fully this threat.

Our day to day lives have changes, we have changed as people have we not? continue to read; is this not intriguing?

The pathway to thought and daydreaming alike, with non direction, we clearly see the line of sight.

Only we, can manifest our perceptions.

Our perceptions are molded, by our preconceived notions.

The battle within, is always a three sided battle.

Its is neither for good, or for bad, it is for stability.

In this, duality, has become stability.

Two halves of one thing, are still one thing.

Comfort, is held in higher regard than necessity.

Wealth, is not distributed, to help those most desperately in need.

Greed, has hold of the world; and only we can choose, to be un-greedy.

In choice, lies our freewill, not in action; failing to understand where something starts,

means you will never know when it ends, thereby never seeing the whole picture.

knowing, and Understanding, are the cornerstones of stability.

Accepting the truth, isn’t always easy, this causes knowledge to become fiction in some cases.

From fiction to Mythology, the truth, often hides in plain sight, for those with eyes to see.

Even so, a myth, is still a myth, right? What is a myth? what is the truth?

Do you now see, what a horrible thing it is, too not know.

Some suppress knowledge, because they believe they are helping society as a whole.

Anything that is True, should never be suppressed; all people, FEEL the truth.

When a Society lies to eachother, honor is truly lost.

When a Society lies to itself, Self, is truly lost; the flower no longer blooms.

The night sky is filled with billions of stars, all with a story.

the linearity of time, does not control the cosmos.

Trying to understand time, is like trying to understand why a drop of water in a pond makes a ripple.

Causality, both in retrospection and in action, reveals the mechanics of time, but not the essence.

The true essence of time, is found in the stillness of things; when time stops.

Only we, can hope to understand the construct we have created. ~ See now how light illuminates a dark room. 


Resisting against what angers you, is resisting against yourself.

The energy is wasted, because the root of your anger is not understood.

Sometimes, resistance is an illusion, that keeps us from breaking through the glass.

The clarity that we gain after we shatter its pieces, shows us why we were foolish from the start; that we were always blinded to the path because of the mirror image.

Stillness is our greatest ally.

non-motion, and non action, give rise to their opposites.

with controlled stillness, you too, can bring rise to action.

Manifestations, are what we make them, if they are true, they will take on a life of their own.

If you are true, you will live the life that destiny laid out for you.

Believing in yourself is vital.

With no conviction, life will always seem apathetic; this is the yin and yang, of our emotions.

To lift yourself up; lift up others, and watch yourself rise.

Stay true, and keep your intentions pure, and this life will reward you.

its never exactly what we want, but its always what we need,

its up to us to understand why we need it.

We are all fallible, never forget that.

No-one, can ever "be right" all of the time; right itself, is a relativistic construct.

Do not fall into the trap of your own ego, their, you begin to believe, that only you, are ever right.

If you, are always right, than you, can never learn, and if your not learning, your not living; mistakes are necessary.

Pain and suffering, seem like torment, and persecution.

pain and suffering, are nothing, compared to what the mind is capable of; they are necessary

Once one experiences true pain, he can understand true love.

through our suffering, our faith strengthens, and our resolve hardens.

We make it through, and always look towards the light, and watch it feed the flower.

Death, is like a wheel in a mirror.

The cycle of life circles around, but we see it through an illusion.

When at the end, the beginning is created, all falls into place.

consciousness is a gift, use it wisely; and believe it will follow you.

pick a peddle from the flower; when one becomes two, more is available for everyone.

know your actions, and don’t justify to yourself, to appease your ego.

In doing so, we defeat the purpose of living through our own choices; living through our freewill

Consequences are tethered to causality, know this before you make your choices in life.

Knowledge alone though is not enough, belief is required; faith, and conviction in whats real, is required.

Simply hoping for someone to reveal the truth of the world to you, is like trying to win the lottery.

To know whats real; is like watching a movie, inside of a movie.

the never-ending layers that make up reality, make up our lives.

The "real", cant be found in good, or bad, it is simply found inside the truth.

So does anyone really know whats real? or are we all fighting for our ideal perspective?

The Flower provides us with an example of self sustaining growth,

no harm, no pain; simply growth.

Growth, is the grease of life, it is what lubricates the wheels of time

it is what allows us to change.

So when you see a flower next, think not of its color,

but think of the cosmos, think of life, think of universal truths.

Ponder, Wonder, Hope, and seek; never stop the search to find your true self.

Never stop loving.

I leave you all with this, the word of perspective. Always judge for yourselves.

But remember how this day proved the light will shine where and when it wants, despite the evil; despite the darkness.