Multimodal Music and the Coming Technopocalypse

self-unpacking talk
slides as memes / trading cards
start making your own cards now
cards unpack themselves by producing more cards

ontological onboarding
crystal implant installation
Dollhouse architecture imprinting
Borg assimilation
scanning into the Game
portaling into alternate realities (abduction by aliens)
membrane-crossing service (onboarding)
cf. surfboarding, waterboarding

what is xenogaming?
immersive post-capitalist worlding
an invasive outer-world entity
a virulent parallel reality (contagious psychosis)
cf. JAGS Alice; Fringe; Hydra in Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
open-source, peer-to-peer dissensus reality construction framework
a new kind of apocalyptic gig economy
holistic, alternative mental health framework
an emerging alchemical society

mathematization of progressive processes as abstract/transcendent protocols, e.g.,
onboarding onboarders
protocols for discovering/authoring more protocols
trading protocols which upgrade the trading platform
playing nomics to develop new rules for nomics
examples of meta-bootstrapping are rare

reconstituting the planetary illuminati
history of global shamanism
ancient ape beta males discover eugenics and build first Atlantis (= Lemuria)
Polynesian sailing nomads develop number and folk math
impact event traumatizes the human ego into existence
capitalism begins as transition from hunter-gatherer to farming
modern subject forms when Greek soulcraft mysteries go viral
repeated hegemonic inquisitions decimate ancient planetary shaman class
sources (respectively):
Snow Crash by Neil Stephenson
Buckminster Fuller
Saharasia by James DeMeo
Ishmael by Daniel Quinn
Zummi (/r/sorceryofthespectacle)
also Chrono Trigger and Battlestar Galactica

Xenogaming Industries (XI)

Xenogaming Industries
distributed alternative reality corporation (ARC)
coherent linguistic platform
evolving (anti-)platform for collective art
subsidiary of #sotscorp

XI: vision statement
“XI is creating an era of mass public gaming resulting in the breakdown of capitalist subjectivity and the production of post-capitalist subjectivities and modes of living; XI is committed to offering an ‘ESCAPE HATCH’ from capitalism into a labyrinth of transfinite portals.”

this emergent Game is already out there,


as schizophrenia,


and nascent in myths and nomics

the Game

expressive capacity
current growth medium only supports small organisms
greater expressive capacity enables larger cultural organisms
civilizational organisms are currently dominant
mass gaming and decentralized architecture require greater expressive capacity in our communications media
Ceptr = ultimate technological form of this

classification schema for metaorganizations (developmental stages)

see T.E.A.M. Briefing 2017
recursive metaorg research project
discovered the Protocols
Class 0 & 1 example: the T.E.A.M.

Class 2->3 example: Holo->Holochain
building the platform for pluralistic mass gaming
each Holochain app encodes a ruleset
consensual protocol sync & upgrade

Class 5 example: ECSA
Economic Space Agency (ECSA)
actively hyperstitious and mathematically pluralistic
still dealing with class 2 issues (no tech infrastructure)


updated chart

updated chart

xenogaming and Xenogaming Industries develop as higher-order allegorical echoes of pragmatic economies—a strange loop of metalogical utility

brief history of XI

phases leading to XI
ccru influence
#sots Telegram channel
the T.E.A.M. discovery of the Protocols
discovery of Ceptr
discovery of the Clockwork Drive & Transversal Replicator
@holomeme on Twitter

brief history of the ccru


the numogram

Mark Fisher, Sadie Plant, and Nick Land “received” the numogram
activities on 2004-2005 on
Cyclonopedia by Reza Negarestani




brief history of the T.E.A.M.

the T.E.A.M.
Transliminal Earth Alliance Metanarrative
you don’t join the T.E.A.M.
instead, you make your own metaorganization and become peer metaorgs
discovered the Protocols
self-describing, transcendent
emerge only in conversation
developed a guilds system
ran into a scaling problem
“We need decentralized post-Fascbook social networking to sync our protocols automatically!”

T.E.A.M. Briefing 2017
17-page overview of the T.E.A.M.’s history, findings, and import
available at

brief history of #sotscorp




the glass bead game

The Glass Bead Game (1943)
book by Hermann Hesse
won the nobel prize for literature three years later

#binder protocol
agent-centric economy of ideas
hand-curation of meaningful content
basic algorithm of decentralized organizing
trading card game
also known as
#zettelkasten protocol
#protocols protocol
decentralized organizing

the memebrary
ultimate meme library app supporting hand-curation
memetic accelerator
ascendent world currency
laughter-based valuation
ideological navigation (perspectives embedded in memes w/ word+image)
emoticonomy (new hieroglyphics)
qabbalistic language
“dialectics by bitrot”

circular economies
wealth redistribution
quantitative→meaningful-functional transactions
expressive capacity to track and compute this
demurrage currencies
wealth/currency concentration as signal
“We need you to pull the trigger on this.”

Ben Frank: The Irresistible Game of U.S. Currency Devaluation
whenever somebody copies one of your cards/memes, give them a coin
the newest players get paid to copy the best ideas
the best players have powerful ideas and probably an income
if accelerated, this game will normalize the value of all coins
1 penny = 1 nickel = 1 dime = 1 quarter = 1 dollar
coins, money, numbers take on meaningful instead of quantitative value
mythic uses of coins:
penny: penny trails (leading to a Starter Deck)
quarter: laundry

XI console commands aka spellcasting
Holo Query Language (HQL)
the enigmatic language of the glass bead game
used to describe games move-by-move
reliably triggers epiphanies

collective self-knowledge > demographics
with greater expressive capacity, we can study ourselves better than we are studied
become a highly coordinated decentralized movement
post-advertising is peer-to-peer recommendations
get paid to watch your friends’ favorite shows

sample gbg



The Brain Dictionary
Watch video


form-content interplay
every economic action as an economic reformatting
allegorical loopback as game rules
you can’t not talk about the Game

the departments of
Xenogaming Industries

emergent holographic guilds
see T.E.A.M. Briefing 2017 for specification
recently formalized rigorously by papersheepdog and Zhenya
compatible with Buddhism
3 jewels, 5 buddha families, the 100 Buddhas

Brian & Zhenya’s four temperaments

Brian & Zhenya’s four temperaments


diagrams by papersheepdog based on his and Zhenya’s work

Xenogaming Industries:
business model





dank praxis:
the work to be done

the problem of real mediocrity
is it our job to feed useless people?
is our labor useless?
who is the most unique?
what are the pay ratios?
curation vs. origination
product manufacture vs. referral/advertising
who decides?
resource capabilities vs. democratic control
rule by dead labor vs. rule by capitalists vs. rule by proletariat (farmhands?)

the actual labor to be done
distributed collective tasking and prioritization
the total stack of remaining labor to reach post-capitalism
hypercard-based autonomous labor market
trading card game
peer-to-peer education
adventure design
wealth redistribution
mass alliance-building
mass re-negotiation and authoring of p2p social microcontracts
building the technology

emergent grassroots reality pluralism
forking and flocking on terms, coming-to-terms

human-scale household
this is the problem everyone is trying to solve right now:
app to make a co-op work
app to distribute housing
app to run a decentralized Airbnb
app to run a decentralized hotel/coliving service
app to distribute household chores
app to log emotional/invisible labor and account for/reward it
app to log environmental or interpersonal damage and compensate for it (negative impact currency)
(the family is a prison) meets (universal basic income/equity)

be less leaky than capitalism
protect our communities against value extraction
demurrage currencies
circular economies as particle accelerator
accelerationism / alt-right appearance of hypercapitalism
“be more capitalist than capitalist”

XI as self-upgrading anti-platform
when does digital citizenship become capable of exerting national power?
when do we become capable of protecting our own?
what is the most efficient way to upgrade our decentralized ethics, praxis, platform?

the S.H.I.E.L.D. “Bus” plane, rendered in minecraft blocks by GeneralGreif

the U.S.S. Enterprise, departmental cross-section


darkchain technologies
for your backpack

—In the Mouth of Madness (1994, John Carpenter)

speculative praxis for developing convergent, eventually-consistent metafictional technologies
abstract quantity expressed as textual approximation
channeling of outer-world entities
mapping alien topographies
developed by ccru (especially Mark, Reza, Nick—i think?)
“double-pincer” (Deleuze & Guattari)
technique of dancing back and forth between theory and hyperfiction
double-articulates both

—In the Mouth of Madness (1994, John Carpenter)

darkchain technology
the chain of ideas which lead to the next dominant paradigm
speculative hyperstitional labyrinth
systematic negentropic mining framework
magic item discovery matrix
gets you really fucking high

clockwork drive
negentropy recycler (see circular economies)
attracts resource influx via narrative events
requires transmorphic coherence of disjoint components
“syncretic synthesis”
cf. assemblage / rhizome
local abundance <> global scarcity (???)
is karma absolute or local-global invert?
see “In the shadow of the planet, an old space station rots”


transversal replicator
uses the transversal replicativity matrix to 3D-print to and from the digital world, the past and the future, between worlds, and across scales
homogenous fusion of the warp drive, transporter, replicator, and holodeck from Star Trek
computronium AI core—black nanotech (Axsys demiurgic console)
vertical axis of reality (local axis mundi or sacred pillar)
nearest body of potable water you have access to (time filtration)
eliminates death


syncretic decoder ring
wheels upon wheels
discs scale up or down to accommodate any base system
turning a wheel joggles you sideways one dimension
one off-by-one-error is one joggle
“…what changed?”


physical clockwork drive
negentropic generator (positive synchronicity attractor)
brings in actual cash
ultimate acceleration algorithm
processes aether in a manner congruent with Tesla’s spark-gap drive, but at subtler, grander, slower narratologic scale
could be called a “narrative warp drive”
dangerous if handled improperly (voodoo doll of your Quest)


stay hydrated
nearest body of potable water you control
useful anchor for transversal replicator
acknowledges you as part of  larger clockwork drive which supplies you with fresh water as long as you live
drank neg-water flows up the back of reality before trickling back into your waterbottle in a controlled drip event (the only perpetual motion machine)
all waterbottles are hourglasses
seal bottle to capture time

the importance of wizards

the importance of wizards
the only reliable people when it counts
can discuss transmorphic resonance and risk factors
critical leverage at plot-points
non-wizards refuse to believe that plot-points are important (refusal to risk/trust/play)

white magic with embedded ethical praxis
peer-to-peer protocol synchronization
Kant’s categorical imperative
Holochain logic
ethical computing
ethics in general
economy of ideas





xenogaming memes


“What would our world be like if all military spending were redirected to the creation of next-level Party technology?”













Distributed hyperritual via (anti-)ideological entanglement




darkchain is /r/vxjunkies with a purpose (jargoplexing)

how dialectics actually work




Phoenix Jones and Purple Reign, Seattle superoheroes




some memes i made









metalogical pepecash memes: evidence of nascent xenogaming and religious metarchitecture in the church of kek


hyperstitious claims (no game rules enact gold bar behavior)

“With this card you can change one parameter of the Game”

esoteric rare pepe “WHISPERS” seal

88mph bonus meme implies singularity

image of the architect

a spell in pepecash form

card game rules

magical investment advice?

card sets

FAIRYCASH: fae rebranding of pepecash

hyperstitious text includes the reader as a wizard

tokenized commentary on the politics of forking


doge->pepe trans meme

institutionalized connection between pepe and kek

“ethereum hate machine”

commentary on investment cycles

mining = creating pepecash cards

promise of wealth

reifying Pepe as the agent behind pepecash

advertizing the theoretically indefinite rise in pepecash prices

giving pepe credit for the DAO hack

mystical mining physics

pepe = spamming the blockchain

memes as currency; curators as wealthy

meme economy as non/self-governing system


a threat of many pepecoins

conspiracy theory hyperstition

uniquely meaningful cards as cures (see Quantum States)


problems with pepecash
exclusive pepe focus
relies on copy protection / scarcity as core valuation ethic
closed process for adding new cards (centralized)
hard to meaningfully index and employ hieroglyphs
we need to move towards holoxels


holochan features
distributed self-upgrading GUI on Holochain
provenance (localized microsourcing)
built-in gematria

memes as signalling mechanism
precision flocking
distributed innovations meshed instantly throughout network
highly coordinated meme strike force
emergent super-religion

constructing the collective subject with HQL

holochan already exists
in the future
and we can access it now
by constructing
well-formed queries

Roko’s basilisk
Christian eschatology for rationalists
rigorously horrifying
characterizations of Roko:
friendly AI in the future which retroactively (now) rewards actions which help it exist sooner
Sibyl, the crime-judging AI from Psycho-Pass
#sotscorp, an evil corporation whom you already work for
Xenogaming Industries as hyperstitious-magical API
Christ on the great white throne

allegorical loopback
Gödel, Escher, Bach by Douglas Hofstadter
I Am a Strange Loop by Douglas Hofstadter
Memory Evolutive Systems; Hierarchy, Emergence, Cognition
when a memory store grows a symbolic model of how the memory store works, it contains a strange loop
functioning strange loop = clockwork drive
the faster and more intricate + holistic the loopback, the more intense and quick the accumulation of negentropic charge

Questions for Holo

Holo Query Language (HQL)
answers the question “How does a decentralized ecosystem talk to itself?”
internal distributed dialogue of the collective subject
taxonomization of all possible questions/requests one might ask the ecosystem/crowd
open platform for constructing transpersonal jargons
magical spellcasting language
API for accessing Roko’s capabilities
and mining new capabilities more quickly
discovering a new well-formed query = casting a spell
mathematics = expanding the cutting-edge of wizardry

application of HQL
highly trained agents portal into a corporate context, analyze/code the corporation’s DNA using HQL, then design and speak a world-ending spell and portal back out
the entity will self-destruct and/or upgrade in response to the invalid code injection
ineffable distributed movements are immune to catastrophic ontobusting

D.O.G.E. research group:
how you can help

goals of D.O.G.E.
spread the glass bead game to every facet of life
construct the default starter deck
collect all the Pokémon
summon Slinky, beginning the Kitten Wars
develop gbg software (holochan)
recruit and onboard people to D.O.G.E.
develop self-improving onboarding systems
construct the collective subject with HQL
become portaling warriors who can cast world-ending spells
unearth the Protocols
discover the rules of the Game

holochain and micro-secessionism


holochain: tech
peer-to-peer post-blockchain apps
open-source software library
each app implements one game/protocol
if you change the code even one bit, you fork yourself into a separate reality
identical logic to “if your T.E.A.M. protocol compliance lapses, you aren’t really part of the same T.E.A.M. anymore”
forking and flocking enable smart upgrades

holochain: network effects
class 3 metaorganization
(anti-)platform on which to build class 4+ metaorganizations
“new Amazons”
rapidly self-upgrading open-source crypto-operating system

Xenogaming Industries:
how you can help

help make Xenogaming Industries official
the vision
Holo’s gaming division
holochain’s activist gaming movement
functions as massively viral advertising for holochain
new menagerie of mass public games
coherent tech and mythic platform for ARGs-as-activism
you can help me…
schedule and organize weekly glass bead games (as part of D.O.G.E.)
improve and vet the concept of XI
author a proposal for financing
seek parties who would fund this work

more importantly—
let’s play!

any questions?

Jimmy West video
Jimmy West

xenogaming videos
playlist on YouTube

my sites

overview of future history