True Crime of Insurance Fraud Number 38

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The EUO Is the Best Tool to Use to Defeat Insurance Fraud

The most effective tool an insurer has against fraud is the examination under oath. The right to compel an insured to appear for examination under oath has been part of the standard fire policy in every state of the United States that adopted the N.Y. Standard Fire Insurance policy. The right was recognized by the United States Supreme Court in Claflin.v Commonwealth Insurance Company, 110 U.S. 81, 3 S.C. 507, 28 L.Ed. 76 a decision unchanged since it was decided in 1888.

Insurers, to avoid the problem raised by the California Supreme Court should never file, in California, a complaint for declaratory relief against an insured and compel the insured to file since, as a plaintiff, he would be unable to assert the Fifth Amendment to prevent a deposition or trial where he may incriminate himself.

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