Please email us to request verification at [email protected]. Do not request verification in the comments. Please do not request technical support in the comments. Only verified members can post articles in the blog, post products in the marketplace and send messages to other members. You don't need to send us Identification to be verified, but that is a fast way to do it if you are a new member. We delete the information after we verify you.

Verification is an indication that we are fairly certain you are not a scammer or link spammer.

You should never assume a verified member is someone we have seen ID for. Never assume the name or any other information on their profile is true.

Never assume a verified member is telling you the truth because they have a verification mark. Always do your own verification if you are engaging in a transaction with someone.

If you do send a verification request through your account settings, please email us at [email protected] to notify us, because we get no notifications about it. You may send your verification request via email too, if you like, rather than the option in your account settings.

Here are some of the several ways we may verify you:

  1. We may verify you, if you ask.
  2. If you are on an admin or moderator's friend list and they see your posts and activity and they are fairly certain you are not a scammer or link spammer, they will probably verify you. Sometimes I do it automatically without requests.
  3. If you have a verified friend here, who will vouch for you.
  4. If you have a website that has obviously been around for a while, we can give you a code to post on your website to verify it is yours.
  5. If you have a verified account on a major social network site, we can give you a code to post on your profile there, to verify it is your profile.
  6. Verification is free, but If you choose to send a $10 donation to us through, we will verify you if your name matches the name on the donation. (Only I can see your info on the donation transaction.)
  7. There are probably other ways to verify you without an ID. Please email us at [email protected] to discuss it.