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#1 Mount Washington, USA

Mount Washington’s snow-capped summit beckons climbers and hikers alike. Towering over all in spectacular New Hampshire, this is a popular spot for outdoor adventurers. But make no mistake about it.

Those who underestimate the highest peak in the northeastern United States risk paying the ultimate price. Mount Washington is accessible, but that doesn’t mean it’s suitable for the inexperienced. The weather conditions are erratic here and countless hazards await.

Year-round snowfall can make navigation a constant challenge. But it’s the high winds that swirl around the summit that make Mount Washington so dangerous. The highest wind velocity ever recorded, some 231mph, was here, in 1934, and severe weather continues to prove perilous.

Those unprepared risk being blown off course and getting lost or worse. Unstable snow formations mean avalanches are always a real risk, and more than 150 fatalities have been recorded on Mount Washington’s ever-dangerous slopes. Thinking about taking a hike in New Hampshire? Please do take care.