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Government: Do they care about you--at all, at all, at all?

 I’ve recently contemplated an important and impertinent question, which is whether (and if so to what degree) does our American system truly serve Americans? Could it simply exist to pacify and mollify citizens while best exploiting them? Over several years I've scratched out some musings regarding government economics. Here are some numbers before I draw out my contention that this place as it is currently operating has little vision for a better & honorable future—just as it holds little contemporaneous concern for WE THE PEOPLE'S best interest(s).
Budget numbers as Context: <<You can Twitter TomRevisited1 and examine my Twitter accounts tweet's section to verify what I say below.>>

Facts: Looking at 2000-through-2014 numbers, the Federal Program Budget (to include interest payments) was 42,029.6 billion, which held a 8,027.5 billion deficit in terms of justifiable borrowing from a net 38,562 billion borrowed. Off-Budget borrowing & spending therefore entailed (38,562-8,027.5, or...) 30,534.5 billion. Now, there existed approximately 2,400 billion in terms of (a) overseas military expenditures and (b) bailouts, which when subtracted from 30,534.5 billion in off-budget leaves you with a value of what I deem off-budget non-justifiable (aka non-rationalizable) borrowing & spending at 28,134.5 billion. During the 2000-through-2014 period there existed (365 x 15, or...) 5,475 days. If you divide 28,134.5 billion by 5,475 days you end up with an average of ?5,138,721,461.18 dollars per day having no rationalization--whatsoever--that I can find. Some persons deem this the Black-Budget.

1.) The OFF-BUDGET value in terms of all spending is what? If we consider backed collections of 34,002.1 billion as-well-as total net borrowing at 38,562 billion (totaling ?72,564.1?), non-justified borrowing of 30,534.5 represents (30,534.5/72,564.1, or….) ?42.07(9347)% the value of all spending, which I remind as to off-budget borrowing and spending holds no justification. (((What if your accountant told you he wasn’t going to tell you where he spent 41.07% of what he allegedly spent on you? I’d guess, you’d fire him/her in a heartbeat? Why is this acceptable.)))

2.) The Non-rationalizable Black-Budget was (28,134.5/42,029.6, or…) ?66.93(9728)% the value of ?budget justified spending. (Remember, I consider this non-justifiable & non-rationalizable value to be beyond the deficit, overseas military ops, and bailouts.)

Let's look at the facts previously discussed versus one example regarding the Federal Government's resources in the context as they are being spent without justification in terms of the homelessness.

  We are said to have a humanitarian as well as a communicable disease crisis connected to the homeless, which in America number about 500,000 on any one night, that is, according to an article that I've just recently read. I've also read and witnessed that a cargo-container house at a low end can itself cost about 2,000$-to-5,000 dollars. Well, let's say we build 10,000 dollar cargo-container homes.
      How many cargo-container homes can we we build for 5 billion dollars (ignoring the pocket change of 138 + million a day). Answer = 5,0000,000,000 / 10,000 = 500,000. Simply, given financial resources as well as taking it as a given that the cargo-containers & materials are available, we could END homelessness with ONE DAMN DAY'S non-rationalizable/non-justifiable borrowing & spending out of 5,475 similar days. (Of course, that would perhaps also involve a government round-table with state governors as well as members of the national administration deciding upon a tax remittance policy for those participants taking such homes upon their property or properties.)
       And not only do separate dwellings reduce the chances of increasing the transmissibility of disease by avoiding gathering the homeless nightly in shelters so they can pass disease amongst themselves in a confined space and then serve as vectors by daily kicking 'em out to spread sicknesses, but also we know that there exists in America a reality that 7 out of 10 persons are only ONE PAYCHECK away from bankruptcy, which therefore, of course, has most Americas a hairs breath from being on the street. Simply, homelessness and disease hangs over their heads as if a ubiquitous Sword of Damocles.
       NOW, would a government that cares ONE IOTA about its people not be willing to spend a seemingly infinitely small portion of monies it has given itself recently and spends (and I expect this remains currently true) without accountability, that is, to provide an essential safety-net here in America for the poor as-well-as a prudent precaution against fostering a catastrophic epidemic/pandemic.
     What do I conclude?
     The answer is, THEY DON'T GIVE A !@#$ ABOUT YOU--at all, at all, at all--as George Carlin most emphatically stated. (Carlin also stated that our politicians were put there to give you the impression that they represent you.)

     Apparently: What they do care about is appearing as if they care about you, so you don't call them out as bullshit artists. And believe me, there are many scalawag Scatologists in our political-social structure that can, and do, finger-paint turd Venus De Milo’s.
      So now you know. They don't care about you! At all. At all. At all. They care about keeping a system going that produces value, which they then may appropriate for themselves and THEIR REAL EMPLOYERS. (((My example just paints a picture of how little they care about you.)))
      So, if you understood what I just discussed, and if you checked what I said out and find it true, then you should know that they really don't care about you (which I repeat again for emphasis).
     *** On the other hand, who is delving into anything here to insure the people are not abused? Answer: Not the Press. Answer: Not your taxpayer's rights organizations. Answer: Not your Government. Aren’t there 534 national representatives? How many thousand state and local representatives are there? How many judges are there? A few peeps? All perps? One peep?
      What about others looking out for your welfare—via the General Welfare?

A.) RELIGIONISTS: Give the 7th Commandment against STEALING--especially give the scale involved, where did your Rabbis, Priests, Pastors, or even Imam’s go?

B: CIVIL RIGHTS AND UNION LEADERS: Given large pockets of poverty and the self-evident absence of general welfare spending as the Preamble to the Constitution demands, where did your civil rights leaders go? What happened to Union Leaders—are not their members also mightily affected?
C: And, where are all of your other moral entrepreneurs?

In the years I examined, non-justifiable non-rationalizable spending of 28,134.5 billion held these relative values between 2000-through-2014.
Amongst an average of 138,679,561 filers filing during 2000-14, that 28,134.5 billion averaged ?202,874.16 per filer. That breaks down to an average of 13,524.94 dollars per filer per year for 15 years, which given a median income of 25,075.06 is over half that value per filer as well as if all filers received the median income. Or, think of it this way. Non-justifiable spending is equal to a ghost worker earning more than 27,000 dollars a year for every two filers. At that rate, non-justifiable spending during a 47-year work lifetime (19-66) would average 1.2 million per every two filers (per working couple). I say this is more (non-accountable) power than a good man/entity should want, or a bad man/entity should have.

     When government politicians attempt to give you the "WE CARE" perception as-well-as their patented "TRUST US" sincerity-pose-ruse, you just might remind them of what is written here. So, there you go!
AND! Say I am wrong about the cost of a home at 10,000 dollars. For argument's sake, let's say a cargo-container home cost 20,000 apiece. NOW WERE AT about 2 days worth of non-justifiable spending out of 5,475 days at the same rate (…..a rate that is is over 5 billion per day non-justifiable spending).
 Conceptualize it this way. There are 5,280 feet in a mile (let’s ignore 5,475-5,280, or 195 feet difference between days in 15 years and a feet in a mile). Now think of 2 feet worth of that mile to fix this problem in terms of borrowing & spending that we don't even know where it's even going. Let’s even say that a cargo-container home cost 40,000 apiece, it would still be under 5 feet and 5,275 feet of a mile remaining, which in terms of monetary value we still don't where the hell that money was spent. Some things are NO BRAINERS! ((It you can justify this, I’d say you could with a little prodding or incentive justify crucifying persons the length of Highway 80—coast to coast.))
Lastly... Do you want to point a finger at others--as you think I might do, which I do often--as it regards the shallowness of nearly our whole entire species. They don't care about you at all, at all, at all? However, apparently, you don't care about you or others-- enough to protect yourself and others.
   Do you have the ability to add up a couple of columns of numbers? Do you have the whits and knowledge to know that our system is based upon the Constitution: a Constitution that contains a Preamble that enumerates why that government exists? And, as long as rivers of blood have paid in the past for our said freedoms, do you think it might be of some value to yourself & others that you invest a little energy and some of your time to see if that Preamble is being upheld in concrete terms?
      There are over 300 million Americans. Are they liquidating everyone who (a) can think AND (b) holds some degree of empathy? It is a possibility, but I highly doubt it. Truth is, you just don't care about one another enough to make sure some values that protect your neighbors and yourself are upheld. I think the early Romans called this civic sense (…………….wait for it…………..) VIRTUE!
   Good luck this century. If I had to make a wager, I'd say its going to end up much more of a slaughterhouse than the 20th Century, that is, before it's out.
(I'll proof read this now and again and modify it to make it better. My prerogative. My post!))
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