How to Deal With The Polar Vortex & Other Catastrophes

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Are you someone who has been damaged by the Polar Vortex? Do you have a homeowners policy, a tenant’s homeowners policy or a commercial property insurance policy, you need to know how to present a claim.

Barry Zalma, Esq., CFE has created a four part video with instructions on what to expect when a claim is presented for damage caused by the polar vortex, the lack of electricity, water and natural gas, and how to present and perfect a claim. It will tell you how to deal with the adjuster, the insurance company, public insurance adjusters and repair contractors. Watch the videos and learn.

If your house was damaged or destroyed by the actions of the polar vortex, a wildfire, accidental fire, windstorm, flood, hurricane or earthquake, as a result of state declared catastrophes and you had a fire, homeowners, flood insurance, tenant’s homeowners or condominium policy you will be dealing with an insurance adjuster to gain indemnity for your losses.