Consult Local Coverage Counsel When there Exists a Conflict Between Insurers Other Insurance Clauses

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Where two or more insurance policies may be called upon to apply to a loss, conflicts may arise involving the three basic types of other insurance clauses. Since every state seems to apply other insurance clauses differently, regardless of type, it is the obligation of every claims person faced with conflicting other insurance clauses, to seek the advice and counsel of a local insurance coverage lawyer who can explain that the major categories of conflict arise when:

  * there is no other insurance clause in either of two primary policies;

  * there is an other insurance clause in one primary policy but not in the other primary policy;

  * there are similar other insurance clauses in both primary policies; or

  * there are dissimilar other insurance clauses in both policies.

  *Coverage counsel can then provide the claims person with advice about how to fairly and in accordance with the law of the jurisdiction apply the multiple other insurance clauses.