I was reading an article by www.trendingpolitics.com where Dr. Fauci, has been given an award by the mayor of Washington DC., for his "messiah like," "saving" advice to the world for his response to the plannedemic (BTW which he helped to create). Article: "D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser has chosen to minimalize the true meaning of Christmas by swapping out lord and savior Jesus Christ with the false idol who has been elevated to demigod status in this sick year of fear, tyranny, and medical martial law." This brings me to my point. The churches in America have helped to make this possible! They have been asleep albeit for many years but NOW, I believe the pastors/leaders are comatose! I pray when the church finally prays, repents etc...and wakes up and disconnects themselves from the spiritual, life support system(s) that they've allowed government i.e., Fauci, Gates, mayors, and governors etc.. to put them on it won't be too late. Article: "If the coronavirus has become a religion to Democrats and their media shills then Dr. Anthony Fauci is their pope, a figure who has become so integral to their drive to remake America that he is worshipped." THIS IS SPOT ON!!! Wake up Church!!!!