It's time to kick in gear


Oh hey! It's been a long time! Things have been crazy in my life. But I'm trying really hard to be a success. Navigating the world has been nuts. But I've been moving up.  I'm from the streets, self-made. I'm not bragging. I want others to say the same. I've been focusing on my local life and try to lead with the lessons Trump taught me. It's working out!!!

I need to go more professional. So I need to get used to writing documents. What I should do is pirate microsoft. So that way I can pick up excel, and put in power point. I guess my new game is gonna be studying. I've become self-employed, in money management. So I need to focus on learning. I need business skills. When i get into my studies, I will have to write essay's to the subject. I'm self-educated but I've done some time at Universty. So I can copy some aspects of it. If learn it, I see results not grades. 

Media production is now offically starting. It's going to take some time. Two releases. Pathfinder TV Series and Orginal Halo Film Series. Vlogs are also coming back. I've not been on camera in awhile. Right now, my Bitchite is being worked shopped but you can find it here; 


Gab is going good. It's gonna be the front of the store. I need to redesign it. It's gotta be fun with follower interaction. I will be using this as my hub. I plan to funnel traffic here. I will also I will be funneling to my Bitchute. You can find the Gab link here;


Xephula is where when I bring people in, this is where they will go. This is my business media. 

Now the money. So far so good. I have swiched to investing as my bedrock. I will talk about that a different day.