I'm actually looking for opinions on this.  

I'm having trouble deciphering whether or not it is mere fear porn, marketing the prognostications of a government so incompetent that it cannot conduct trade talks and it gives up to those to whom it is instructed to give up, or wet dream wish fulfillment idylls that are one of those "pie in the sky" projections.

It was copied from MEWE and Elise Nijmegen

and I'm excising the initial bits directed at Dutch colleagues...

"...Meanwhile in Canada.... Leaked documents from a Member of the Liberal Party in Canada, obtained from the Strategic Covid Planning Commission of the Prime Minister of Canada, state the following: permanent movement restrictions, continuous in and out lock-down, acceleration of building quarantine facilities in each Canadian province, more testing thus creating higher figures, mouth caps mandatory in December 2020.

In the first half of 2021, converting the national unemployment plan to the global basic income plan. The third wave will cause more deaths and is also planned in the first quarter of 2021, with more travel bans, for city and county. In February 2021 there will be more "infected people" every day and hospitalizations for "Covid-21"... The food chain will be deficient, great economic uncertainty for the second quarter of 2021. More soldiers on the streets in busy areas and highways with "check-points".

Also, all debts will be written off of every Canadian, mortgage, credit cards, loans, just everything. The world debt-reset program! On the other hand, your house, your car, your property that is in the face of the debt, is no longer yours but of "the state"! Forever in possession of "the new world government". Everyone will have to participate in the vaccinations of covid-19 and 21, which in return gives those who are vaccinated a global "health pass" that will give those a little bit more freedom.

It is in English, if anyone feels to put a Dutch subtitle under it, I will applaud it as this totalitarian event in Canada (and Australia) is described in Agenda 21/2030 of the United Nations! Balkenende signed the Netherlands up for that at the time, so this is coming here, too. Or is there already but the better people are informed about what can come, the better we can prepare for it.


It's unimaginable... And it is, bizarre and inhumane! That's the title of the next movie that warns you.

A motion has been tabled in parliament in Australia approving the arrival of foreign soldiers. This means that foreign soldiers, with instructions from the UN, without any respect for the Australian, their loved ones, their property or other important matters, can simply come in their houses. One world, one people, one army... This brave man warns us, the world's people, and says that we should all stand up for what we love. Listen and shudder!


The World Economic Forum (WEF), you know, a sister organization or part of the private company, the UN, has devised many plans for the world's population. And also makes predictions as we know, now they have eight for the year 2030, described in detail in the article.
1. You own nothing, and you will be happy with it. 
2. The US will not be the world's greatest power. 
3. You don't die waiting for an organ donor. 
4. You eat much less meat. 
5. A billion people will be displaced by climate change. 
6. Polluters will have to pay to emit carbon dioxide. 
7. You could be preparing to go to Mars. 
8. Western values will be tested to breaking point. 


Millions of people around the world take it to the streets to protest against the totalitarian world government, compulsory vaccinations and lockdowns. Are those all conspiracy-theorists? Alu-hats? Or just awoke realistic people who see what is happening?

We are being played off against each other by the government and the media, stoked against each other, but if we reconnect, for one purpose, our freedom, then we can turn the tide. There are other goals we could find ourselves in; expose the Satanist pedophilia cartel and thereby better protect all children, and our country!

Because our country is now embed drawn into globalism that I personally can't appreciate nor embrace because I like it, different countries, different cultures, different people and food. Why else would you go on holiday when you're going on a cultural trip... And now everything must change into one grey totalitarian global whole? Continuing is the motto for all (freedom) fighters, respect for all, keep doing your own thing outside of a collaboration, because there is too much at stake to give up! Anyway, that's my opinion..."

And I know there are people in this audience with opinions, so, go at it, please as I'm not sure if this is real or one of those Oligarchy driven "fly it from the flagpole" attempts at assessing the response of truth in plain sight.